The built-in microphone on the Canon Vixia HF R600 is surprisingly good. Don’t let a little challenge like wind noise or distance from the camera deter you from producing a great video. You can place the H2n in the talent’s pocket and thread the lavalier microphone cord up through their blouse or shirt so that the only thing that shows is the microphone itself, clipped onto the talent’s clothing. SOG viewers are totally comfortable seeing the recorder in the frame, because these are instructional videos. So hold your fingers still. One of the speakers should hold the microphone using the handle. In addition to being extremely hard to do well, it’s too busy for Stubborn Old Gardeners videos. Make sure you view it full screen and using the highest resolution. Do not pass the recorder between speakers, and there’s no need to move it back and forth between speakers. Avoid trying to pick up sound from more than two persons at once. You can easily prevent handling noise either of two ways: The Canon HF R600 will automatically synchronize its audio with its video, so you won’t need to worry about it when you use the onboard microphone. Camga owns a tiny but decent quality lavalier JK Mic-J 044 lavalier microphone. You have now set the H2n to record in bi-directional mode. That’s why we have the digital audio recorder. The lavalier microphone always has its windscreen attached, so if you are using the lavalier microphone, you’re already doing everything you can do to control wind noise. But the most oft-repeated mistake with using the Zoom H2n is to forget to start it recording when you begin to shoot. Yes, it’s grotesquely ugly, but you’ll be far better off with your audience seeing an ugly windscreen than hearing ugly wind noise. In this entry we’ll look at the Mic/Line input for connecting external mics and line level sources. The microphone works fine without the black foam windscreen, but please leave it on so we won’t lose it. Avoid clipping the microphone to the strap of the red apron. It seems so simple, really. The easy way to do this as you are shooting is to remember, every time you stop and restart either the camcorder or the H2n, to create an audio slate mark. If not, you can synchronize them using the technique described in this video. You’ll find it in the pill bottle in the front pocket of the video equipment case, and it plugs into the receptacle on the side of the Zoom H2n that says “LINE IN.” Set the H2n on XY, and don’t worry about the fact that the signal shows up on only one channel; that’s the way it’s supposed to work. It’s a 2-step process. Instead, screw the broken tripod from the CAMGA equipment case into the bottom of the Zoom H2n and use it as a handle to hold the H2n. The windscreen for the H2n works well. Camga owns a tiny but decent quality lavalier JK Mic-J 044 lavalier microphone. Central Alabama Master Gardener Association (CAMGA), Providing gardening education and support to Elmore County. And of course, when you start recording again, you’ll need to record a new audio slate. You’ll be able to use the audio and video in post to line them up with each other. If you are shooting a conversation between two persons, don’t use the lavalier microphone. The camcorder’s audio volume will be adjusted automatically for the best sound, but you need to do it manually with the H2n. If you’re using the H2n’s onboard microphone, you can attach the windscreen stored in the front pocket of the equipment case. For single talent, we routinely use the H2n and its lavalier microphone. Even when you use the handle, the H2n will pick up any movement of your fingers against the handle. When you use the H2n, though, the audio signal produced by the H2n will need to be synchronized with the Canon’s video for you to be able to use them together. If possible, keep an eye on the meters while you’re shooting to make sure you’re still shooting at about the right level. Use the “handle” (actually a tiny tripod with one of its legs broken off) in the front compartment of the equipment case. The talent carries the H2n in a pants pocket or the pocket of their CAMGA red apron as described above, and they thread the lavalier up through their blouse or shirt and clip it to a collar or some other part of their clothing that doesn’t rub back and forth on their skin. In the H2 these were separate inputs, with the mic input controlled by the Mic Gain H-M-L switch while the line input had no adjustment. We often experience a rubbing noise on that. With both the camcorder and the digital audio recorder running, get your production assistant to use our slate board to sync up the audio and video. You don’t need to do anything to make this happen, because whenever you shoot video with the Canon HF R600 it will record audio with its onboard microphone. After the video and the audio are synchronized, you can vary the volume of the camcorder and the H2n as you see fit to get the best, most useful sound. The windscreen does nothing to prevent handling noise (see above), so you’ll still need to use the “handle” even when the windscreen is attached. Make sure the recorder is rolling before you start shooting, sync it up using the slate board. Does that mean you can’t shoot? Get into the habit of checking each time before you begin shooting to make sure the digital time stamp on the H2n display is advancing. You’ll find it in the pill bottle in the front pocket of the video equipment case, and it plugs into the receptacle on the side of the Zoom H2n that says “LINE IN.” Set the H2n on XY, and don’t worry about the fact that the signal shows up on only one channel; that’s the way it’s supposed to work. The Zoom H2n is a high-quality recorder, and it’s extremely sensitive. Next: Using Your Smartphone for a Safety Shot, every time you stop and restart either the camcorder or the H2n, Choosing the Subject for Your Stubborn Old Gardeners Video, Online Resources for Stubborn Old Gardeners Videos, All CAMGA “in person” events canceled until further notice, Lee and Amanda Borden’s Slides on Climate Change, Amanda Borden’s Slides for “Love Your Vegetable Garden”. It’s a great insurance policy. First you turn on power to the recorder, and then you press the red button just below the display to start it recording. Instead, just hold it in one place at about chest height between the two speakers, with the display facing exactly away from the camera. Follow these simple steps, and you’ll have great audio to go with those beautiful pictures even when conditions are difficult. While your talent is speaking from the same distance and at the same volume as will be used when you record, adjust the audio gain on the side of the H2n until the signal peaks reliably at or near -3 db. No, not at all. If you have an editor that provides visual waveforms for audio files, you can line them up visually. And you may find for any number of reasons that the camcorder’s microphone is better for some or all of your program. Here are some more observations on the new Zoom H2n recorder. If one speaker has a softer voice than the other, hold the H2n slightly closer to that speaker. If you’re speaking within eight feet of the camera, if the wind’s not blowing, and if there’s not a great deal of noise nearby, the quality of the audio should be just fine. Its sound varies in quality too much from that of the Zoom H2n onboard microphones. Unfortunately, that sensitivity extends to the case; if you touch it or rub it in any way while it’s recording, you’ll hear it on the recording. If there’s any chance of wind noise, use the ugly H2n wind screen. Sometimes, though, you can’t count on all those “ifs” to be true. But be careful about handling noise! Rotate the top arrow of the H2n toward MS, and then hold down the up/down switch on the side of the H2n until the triangle becomes two circles beside each other.

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