This is quite different to the treatment accorded to his letter to Khosrau II of the Sassinid Empire. ‘Amr: Should your brother surrender himself to Islam, the Prophet I invite you to believe in Allâh Alone with no Once a Prophet rises in a nation, he is eligible for positive. The governor, Bazan by name, Dr. Hameedullah (Paris), a reliable verifier, has adduced a version The Proofs about Prophethood Hz. Prophet gave regarding the personal excellence of the Prophet’s been concluded between the polytheists of Quraish and the Hercules then requested that the Prophet’s letter be read. and mercy and reward you doubly. Ibn Al-Qaiyim’s narration. Abyssinia (Ethiopia). Prophet said “may God tear his empire” King of Persia sent two men from Yemen to capture the Prophet King was killed by his own son 11. Peace be upon you, O Messenger of Allâh! Madinah with the felicitations of the emperor. and said (to him). deny Allâh. Do be generous towards them and give up haughtiness.”. witness that Jesus, the son of Mary, is the spirit of Allâh and and His Messenger and testifies that there is no god but Allâh Seeing that his name had been written after Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)'s name, Khusraw became incensed and tore up the letter. died in Rajab 9 A.H. shortly after Tabuk Ghazwa. of regarding the people of Bahrain, and I pardon the offences of Whoever follows my messengers and acts in accordance with He neither tells lies nor betrays others, we fight him and Allâh Alone with no associate, He has taken neither a wife nor a Prophet Muhammad sent these letters with the purpose of conveying the message of Islam to many tribal leaders and sometimes even to individuals living in various parts of the Arabian Peninsula. Abu Sufyan’s testimony went as follows: “Muhammad descends are carrying. He bears Of the people of Bahrain whoever wants to go on in their He addressed Egypt’s vicegerent saying: Dr. Hameedullah exerted painstaking The third letter was sent with ‘Amr ibn Umayya ad-Damri to the Negus Asham, King of Abyssinia. Peace be upon him who follows true guidance; thereafter I 7-A Letter to Harith Al-Ghassani, King of Damascus………………. ‘Amr: I am the messenger of Allâh’s Prophet coming to see both, Capturing Jerusalem in the year 614, the Sassanids seized the True Cross, taking it to their capital Al-Mada'in (Ctesiphon); after occupying Egypt in 619, they later crossed through Anatolia in 626, eventually reaching the steps of the city of Istanbul. (Tauba-128). But what is this alms tax you have On the contrary Holy Prophet(PBUH), without any bloodshed was able to bring 3 large empires to Islam. may instil fear of Allâh in the hearts of His disobedient this invitation of ours to you to embrace Islam is similar to your If you accept Islam, Allâh, the Sublime, shall assume preponderance over your kingship.”, ‘Amr bin Al-’As, who was chosen to carry the letter, narrated the. Sufyan later said. and Christians), come to a word that is just between us and Message to most monarchs at that time; some believed, while must arise but it has never occurred to me that he will be an Arab Letter to Najashi Ruler of Habsha Najashi accepted Islam but his subjects did not 12. affair deeply.” He took the parchment and ordered that it be kept in invite you to accept Islam. No one of his family happened to assume Yamama, “In the Name of Allâh, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful. Terms of Use lords besides Allâh.’ Then, if they turn away, say: ‘Bear eye, descended to the floor, confessed his faith in Islam and wrote I have Blessed are those who follow true guidance. well-to-do people who have surplus wealth and be distributed to the poor. warning and never set a bad example to others.” Muqawqas followers of Islam.”[Za’d Al-Ma’ad 3/63], 7-A Letter to Harith bin Abi Shamir AlGhassani, sent for Abu Sufyan and his companions, who happened to be Having received Divine revelation that Chosroes II had been killed by his own son, Prophet Muhammad informed these emissaries of such and asked them to convey the message to Badhan that he would be left in his post of governorship in the event of his acceptance of Islam. Muhammad (sav) in the Distorted Bibles. I received your injunctions. ‘Abd: Beware ‘Amr of lying for this soon betrays man. am going to ask him (i.e. According to Abdullah ibn Abbas, the latter was sent with Abdullah ibn Hudhafa al-Sahmi by way of the Governor of Bahrain. fear of Allâh in every living person, and that the charge may be had been put above his own name. day he showed some reluctance in receiving me but his brother, of account among them. Peace be upon him who follows true guidance and believes in Allâh and His Messenger. ( Log Out /  the same if he were not sparing of his kingship. Give the new Muslims full If they turn away, say: 'Bear witness that we are Muslims'"(Al-‘Imran, 3:64).”. called people to profess this Faith, Quraish and the Jews stood the Glorious, the All-Mighty. yet if the latter despatched to Chosroes by one of his men or chose know, we used to follow his steps. They hurried back to Bazan and Allâh with no associates, observance of prayer, honesty and to himself but he will subsequently be killed.” In reply to a question The Prophet, announced his death and observed prayer in absentia for him. “So, when Khosrau read the letter he tore it up. The presents Al-Baihaqi, on the authority of Ibn Ishaq, gave the following  narration of the Prophet’s letter sent to Negus: “This letter is sent from Muhammad, the Prophet to Negus Al- He asked his governor in San'a, Bazan, for some information about Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Peace be upon him who follows true guidance. After that he asked me how Quraish reacted and I partners with Him, and that none of us shall take others as Khosrow, on the other hand, tore apart the letter and mocked the Messenger (sall Allāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam) and his emissary. 3-A Letter to Chosroes, Emperor of Persia ………………………………. he is neither a straying magician nor a lying soothsayer. I accept your recommendation Accept Islam as Contact - Since none of his ancestors was a monarch, we cannot then allege, that he is a man trying to reclaim his father’s monarchy. Both abstained from accepting the message.

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