It takes talent to transcend a nonsense plot. 07 March 2020. This is extremely addictive, but Monkey Ball's real magic is arguably in its minigames, which offer some of the best local multiplayer experiences on the console. We're tired of waiting, Ubisoft. In sharp contrast with Animal Crossing, Resident Evil 4 proved that Nintendo consoles weren't just for kids. Animal Crossing was released on the N64 in Japan, before being upgraded and repackaged for the GameCube a little later. This is still Nintendo, of course, so the game made sure you only stole 'Shadow Pokémon' who needed to be rescued – and ended up saving the day, blah blah blah – but throwing a thieving Pokémon ball still carries the same thrill it did back in 2004 when Pokémon Colosseum first released. Better still is when the game makes us laugh instead of laying on the seriousness. The turn-based 2D Paper Mario games, meanwhile, have been on hiatus since 2016, with developer Intelligent Systems instead focusing its attention on Fire Emblem since then. Some of the best tracks in the series. Seasons and holidays match those on our human calendars to delightful effect. Cubivore and Gotcha Force are okay, but gameplay-wise, they aren't worth more than $50. And like the previous F-Zero games, GX pulls no punches when it comes to ramping up the difficulty level. Luigi acquires a Poltergust 3000, which essentially transforms him into a ghostbuster, and over time, more of the mansion opens up for you to check out. If you are into SRPGs and like a challenge, this is perfect. (For those of you who know what I'm talking about, please don't spoil it, lol). We need look no further than TimeSplitters: Future Perfect for a good chuckle. Please refresh the page and try again. © The number in parenthesis are the number of first place votes. It doesn't matter that the GameCube is over 15 years old, looking back at this list of the best GameCube games fills us with nostalgia-twinkling joy. Smash Bros on N64 was almost a prototype for what a Nintendo fighting game could be – and Melee realized the potential into a fast-paced, fan service-packed masterpiece. Disney Basketball is just plain bad. While trying to determine the 10 best GameCube games, I found about six or seven undisputed masterpieces and about 10 to 15 really awesome games that could be interchanged with several titles on this list. Those two games are really good, but the price is still too high for them. That all changed when the Mushroom Kingdom players entered the soccer pitch, as they competed with more intensity and aggression than we'd ever seen. Most of these games offer less than some of the current gen games that go for $59.99(and then go on sale a month later). or "Holy crap, watch out for that banana peel!"? And that's where this list comes in. Henry St Leger, While Resident Evil 4 has since been released for many other consoles, it remains deeply satisfying to play in its initial GameCube form. I just got a copy off Amazon. The epic dungeon battles are intact, the discovery system still works (now with more discovering! Nintendo later re-released this title in HD on the Wii U, but it still feels great to play in 4:3 on the GameCube. Best Gamecube game ever? Cookies help us deliver our Services. They spruce up their house with furniture and even playable NES games. Besides, what other tense, emotion-fueled multiplayer could inspire exclamations like "Use the golden mushroom, damn you, use it now!" And then the game throws a new enemy type called regenerators at Leon, and they can only be killed by using a thermal imaging scope to seek out their organs and sniping them. It's also helpful to put titles in bold so people can find them easier. Metroid's transition into the 3D realm could have gone horribly wrong. The formula is pretty consistent with the PlayStation entries that kicked the series off. And it gave western gamers exactly what Japanese fans had loved for years, even if many US GameCube owners weren't as excited. How to Free Up Space on Your iPhone or iPad, How to Save Money on Your Cell Phone Bill, How to Find Free Tools to Optimize Your Small Business, How to Get Started With Project Management, 11 Video Games You'll Want to Buy in November, 10 Video Game Histories That Would Make Awesome Documentaries, 7 Forgotten Nintendo Virtual Boy Classics, The 10 Greatest Super NES Games of All Time. You already own the best of the expensive games. It's easily the best Simpsons game of all time (which isn't that hard), blending a manic mix of satirical Grand Theft Auto 3-style open world gameplay with the side-splitting humor you’d expect to find in your favorite Simpsons episodes. We live in hope that Nintendo may bring its classic Gamecube titles to Switch via a new version of Virtual Console – as was rumoured back in 2016, with Super Mario Sunshine, Luigi's Mansion and Super Smash Bros. Melee all reported as being in testing – but for now, we can console ourselves with ability to play Switch games using a GameCube controller.

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