Just Squeenix protecting their IP. Hopefully points to official localisation. Rune Factory 5 details and screenshots - romance options Fuuka, Ludmilla, Murakumo, and Lucas, plus townspeople Misasagi and Elshe, Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town details and screenshots - pioneering, characters and romance options, more, Pokemon 25th anniversary logo revealed, sharing news about "very special upcoming celebration" soon, Disgaea 6 details and screenshots - characters, Special Skills and Evilities, Juice Bar, and D-Merit Points, Nintendo announces Cyber Deals Switch eShop sale for Europe, initial list of deals revealed, Amazon sale features big discounts on Switch-compatible microSD cards, Is It Wrong to Try to Shoot 'em Up Girls in a Dungeon? It's the only way we will see more of these game from Square-Enix. Hopefully they release state side, I always wanted to get into the Dragon Quest series anyway. Oh the pain of being a Western Dragon Quest fan. Adventure (FMS) Squenix...Somebody else is doing your job.USE THEM! With no 5 and 6 enix had seemingly written off the west and then FF7 exploded and they figured they take a shot. I get the feeling we wouldn't have seen the original DQ7 in the west had it not been for FF7. You would think E3 would have seen those announcements. If this is true, please consider buying the game to support Dragon Quest here in the west. I thought as long as they weren't distributing copyrighted material, it was fine. @manu0 once the work is done they distributed it for free which is where the issue lies in. Dragon Quest – Overworld (field music) The week before, the 8-4 guys hinted at big localization reveals. I'm starting to think that the instinct to ignore, or even deny, any good decisions should be called Squenixitis. Various elements are bound together well, there’s lots of content, it’s well made, and the touch controls are pleasant. If not, an explanation of how the Dharma shrine works would be appreciated. “Bruise the Ooze” from Dragon Quest V [BMS] Theatrhythm Dragon Quest (シアトリズムドラゴンクエスト, Shiatorizumu Doragon Kuesuto,?) My favorites are 1, 4, and 9. All of these songs are free – they can be downloaded at no extra cost. It is the first music game based on the Dragon Quest series and the third in the Theatrhythm series, following Theatrhythm Final Fantasy and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call. OTOH, if we really wanted to get DQ7 released here, we have a better chance just organizing a boycott of all Square-Enix properties until they release it. Square is getting a little weird. Rodea: The Sky Soldier wasn’t the only big Famitsu review this week. The battle system is mostly just pressing attack and the story is as generic as it comes. [11] A fourth DLC packet of four songs was made available free of charge in May 2015. I don't know about a official release. Privacy Policy Member. Square Enix has updated Theatrhythm Dragon Quest with five new DLC tracks. Dragon Quest III – Hero’s Challenge (battle music) Square ignored the project until it was complete and then within a week of the completed patch being distributed Square sent a cease and desist letter. They are really getting into the Android Market and the iOS market. Hazama hopes that Theatrhythm becomes a series that includes Square Enix's other franchises, such as Dragon Quest and Kingdom Hearts. We shall see - are you still hoping to play Dragon Quest VII on 3DS, or perhaps even the upcoming Dragon Quest VIII release? It's basically a grind fest with a fairly poor story. Theatrhythm Dragon Quest (JPJapanese: シアトリズムドラゴンクエストRomaji: Shiatorizumu Doragon KuesutoMeaning: Theatrhythm Dragon Quest) is the first Theatrhythm game based on the Dragon Quest series, released in 2015 on the Nintendo 3DS exclusively in Japan. There's way less text in here than in either of the DQ Monsters that have been translated. As for the legality of the cease and desist, I would be interested to know the extent of fair use in the case of importing a physical copy. Dragon Quest IV DS Music - Last Boss - Duration: 2:13. I'd be up for purchasing this game if Square Enix locallized this.

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