Our nationwide distributors are standing by. Available at: M Store Shofukucho. A sweet potato shochu that succeeds in bringing out the flavors of its ingredients. Sweet Potato Shochu: Aka Kirishima. Satsuma Shiranami Genshu. While many imo shochu are brewed with rice koji, IKKOMON is brewed with 100% imo from start to finish, then, distilled once. Poppo Tenkaichi Street. Propagating superior quality imo koji is a modern feat, made possible by TAKARA's inimitable use of patented technology and constant drive to innovate. There's nothing like a tasty shochu cocktail on a warm afternoon. It has clean and refreshing taste, thanks to being multiply distilled. Sweet Potato Shochu - Satsuma Shuzo -. Warm: heat water to 175º F (80º C). At Takara Sake, we offer very rare 100% imo (sweet potato), 100% mugi (barley), 100% soba (buckwheat) and 100% kome (rice) shochu. As a result, IKKOMON emanates the bounty of the Koganesengan sweet potato. Uses locally-sourced ingredients, culture often result in a brew unique to particular region. If your favorite distributor or eatery does not carry shochu, please send them to our website so they can buy the best shochu for sale. Most singly distilled shōchū is moromitori shōchū (もろみ取焼酎). Economical and similar to vodka, and it is often used for cocktails. Details. Neat or with a few drops of water in a small white wine or whiskey glass. Again, this changes the overall tone, lightening the drink and making it feel a little more summery and less robust. Alternatively, you may find shochu at your favorite Asian restaurant. Neat: When you drink shochu without any additives, you are said to drink it "neat." The best result is usually gained by pouring hot water first and Shochu next with a ratio of 6 parts hot water to 4 parts of Shochu, or 5:5. Shochu with hot water makes the drink milder and also increases the savory aspect of shochu. Typically sweet potato Shochu, Soba Shochu, and barley Shochu can be enjoyed in the variety style of serving. Takara Sake is a top shochu producer and offers plenty of shochu for sale to wholesalers who then get this amazing beverage to the public. In total, 55 raw and processed materials are permitted for creating shochu. This spirit mash that is produced through fermentation, are then distilled. Unlike sake, however, shochu can be made from a number of raw ingredients, such as: rice, barley, sweet potatoes, buckwheat and brown sugar to name a few. The name Akamaoh, or Red Devil, coupled with the black label over black bottle would suggest a full bodied sweet potato shochu that would give you the deep funk that Japanese often refer to as “imo kusai” (smelly sweet potatoes). IKKOMON is a rare, 100% imo shochu made with imo koji rather than the commomly used rice koji. Adding shochu to hot water will dissipate or damage the delicate flavor nuances, and cause bitterness. The nose and palate meld a wealth of gently savory and comforitng flavors, including toasted light rye, caraway, slated butter, fried apple, and spices. If you liked to read more about sake and shochu cocktails recipes click here! Often uses a single ingredient so that it retains the authentic flavors of that particular ingredient. We carry many varieties of shochu. Takara has been making shochu since 1864, and today, Takara is the number one shochu maker and seller in Japan. Because Shochu matches with wide varieties of foods, it is enjoyed with meals, before meals, and after meals in Japan. Satsuma Shiranami. In total, 55 raw and processed materials are permitted for creating shochu. The resulting product is IKKOMON, an authentic imo shochu that emanates the bounty of the sweet potato. Then, fermented mash goes through a multiple distillation process. They choose to complement the natural flavors of fermented sweet potatoes or barley with fruit juice or even teas. Sweet and delicious to eat, Koganesengan is the most popular Japanese sweet potato in Kagoshima prefecture. Sweet Potato Shochu are one of the items in the Yakuza (series) . However, Akamaoh, … Shochu made with this cultivar is known for its sweet fragrance, delicately smooth palate, and complex flavors of chestnuts and dried flowers. This serving style enhances the natural sweetness and aroma of the sweet potato (Satsuma Imo). Sitemap                    Shop                    Visit Us                    About Us                      Contact Us. Approved starchy ingredients or molasses are used and fermented using yeast. On the rocks: Chilling shochu can slightly change the bite and finish. Some of the batch of the Korui Shochu even from different ingredients can be artfully blended to achieve a desired finish. Retrieved from " https://yakuza.gamepedia.com/Sweet_Potato_Shochu… Banshokou. Serving Suggestions: Slightly chilled, room temperature or to emphasize the savory aspects, warm. Consider adding some lime or lemon to turn your shochu drink into a homemade version of Chu-Hi.

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