, 3 eggs (room temperature, lightly beaten). The texture I wanted to achieve is soft but not crumbly. After that, it’s coming up with a good name, ideas welcomed! I'm thankful to have it! Thanks, Tessa! If you don't have a stand mixer (The batter is probably too thick for a hand mixer. For this time I though it would be best if I went the sweet bread route and boy was I right! (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.). Thank you, Jean! I think you'll like it. This looks too good to be gluten free! This gluten free bread is soft in texture, easy to make, and tastes delicious! I can relate to testing gluten-free bread, Cathy. I wonder if it's like you sorghum from back home. And here's a gluten free bread recipe that's free from all grains as well as nuts and dairy. Your email address will not be published. What a great way to eat sorghum too - it's a grain that is grown and traditional in my home country, but with modern diet taking over the society, even back home sorghum is hard to find now. The water should just be comfortably warm to touch. Add the wet ingredients and mix well. Do you know what I mean? Powered by American Sorghum copyright 2020, Sorghum Farming, Sustainable, and Gluten-free, Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), After a couple of failed attempts awhile back, I decided to start from scratch and finally develop a, 5 Interesting Ways To Add Sorghum To Your Diet. I'm happy to hear you'll be trying my recipe! Gluten free bread doesn't need the kneading that develops the gluten in the usual wheat breads. I have a little grandson who is gluten-free so I am always on the lookout for recipes such as yours. The Guardian has called sorghum the 'new wonder grain,' as it's said to be high in protein, fibre, and antioxidants. This bread is incredibly easy to make with a stand mixer, as you can see from the video. Sorghum is on of my favorites too!! Definitely cannot find this at any grocery store! (See note about pan size.). For the first incarnation of this recipe, I got lucky, it was close to perfect and I knew just a couple of tweaks is all it would need. Now how does it taste? In other words, sorghum is a great gluten-free grain to experiment with! I'm very glad to have discovered sorghum. After a couple of failed attempts awhile back, I decided to start from scratch and finally develop a perfect gluten-free sorghum bread. For this particular bread, my goal was a reasonably priced loaf that tastes great. It needs to work well with and not overpower whatever I choose to put on it. If you'd like to try a crusty loaf that's fun to make, check out this Simple Crusty Artisanal Gluten Free Bread. The flours here are some of the most reasonably priced gluten free flours you'll find. I look forward to experimenting with the unground grain in pilafs and salads. This batter fits nicely into a standard 8 ½-inch X 4 ½-inch metal loaf pan. I have never experimented much with sorghum. After only the second incarnation, perfection personified! Well, so far, for myself and the few that have had a chance to sample this great bread, we all agree that this is the best gluten-free bread ever. I was looking for three things for this bread: Naturally, I want my bread to taste good! I love sorghum too! Home » Recipes by Course » Gluten Free Bread that Is Easy to Make! Apparently, it can also be popped like popcorn. (*affiliate link) Gluten free bread doesn't rise far above the top of the pan without falling over, because it doesn't have gluten to hold it together. I know, that's what I said about developing the Almond Teff Pancake recipe! Making Gluten Free Sorghum Yeast Bread Mixing. Whisk the dry ingredients together in a large bowl. You will need a Sorghum Sourdough Starter*** to make this rustic and artisan-style loaf.. Built on the Genesis Framework. Looks amazing! Thank you, Raia! I have been successful with a variety of cookies and cakes, but a sorghum bread had eluded me. A ‘secret’ ingredients of my flour formula adds the necessary lysine sorghum is missing, making the protein a complete one and throw in some Omega-3 fatty acids, combined with all the great nutrients provided by sorghum and that’s one healthy slice of bread. Yes, I do expect my gluten free bread to taste good! I am even using sorghum syrup in addition to the sorghum flour, which makes this a real sorghum bread. For more tips on baking with yeast, read these Gluten Free Yeast Bread Tips. ), whisk the wet ingredients together and then mix them well into the dry ingredients. You just need to make sure your ingredients are very well combined. The next step will be to test the recipe in a variety of pans and ovens to truly confirm that we have truly achieved perfection. I find that this bread holds together nicely in my hand. For this particular bread, I was looking for a neutral flavour. I hope you're able to find sorghum flour somewhere. dough to a bread machine set to rise 30 minutes and bake 55 minutes at 336 degrees Put the wet ingredients into the bread pan, then add the dry ingredients on top. Batter will be very moist. The tab is the cost. Combine the dry ingredients (sorghum flour through yeast) in a small bowl. If it's too hot or too cold, it will destroy the effectiveness of the yeast. The texture of this bread looks absolutely perfect, Cathy!! If you’re curious about gluten-free sourdough bread baking, and you can’t consume rice flour, this will be the sourdough starter recipe for you to try. This looks like such a soft gluten free bread, which is by no means an easy thing to do! When baking was done, the place smelled just like a bread factory and we couldn’t wait to dig in, but patience prevailed and we did actually wait to let it cool. Instant Pot Butternut Squash Soup with Apple, Gluten Free Sweet Potato Bread with Pecans. A stand mixer works great for this. You're right, I do need to pay more attention to sorghum! This is another recipe that I've been working on for a long time. I'm impressed with the air pockets and the softness. Editor's note: Not surprisingly, this recipe has become one of the most popular recipes on the blog since it was published. Allow to rise in a warm place for an hour. This looks so soft and fluffy! For the nice tall loaf in the photos, I used a pan that is 7 ½-inches X 3 ½-inches X 2 ¼-inches tall with leftovers for a smaller loaf or a couple of buns.

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