The key to this business is identifying and referring the right startups/investment opportunities to the right investors. Additionally, you can start the business on a small and medium scale. Many people who visit public catering establishments and who are connected to the Internet can leave the cafe because the battery is seated. Competition among agencies for business is fierce in most areas, you can use traditional freelancer platforms to source work, but the real money is in long term recurring clients/contracts (small and large businesses). Do you get compliments about your culinary skills when inviting friends for dinner? If you have a decent DSLR camera and an eye for a great photo, this could be perfect business for you. On a final note finding the right drop shipping supplier/s is critical, you need to make sure there reliable and that the delivery times are within reason, you don’t want customers cancelling orders before they arrive (many drop shippers are based in China, the lead time to produce and ship a product can mean it can take several months to reach a customer in some cases). You must be aware of the release of new applications, operating systems, gadgets. Van or Truck). With apps such as Uber, the customer acquisition element they take care of in exchange for a fee, for a taxi firm you’ll need to drive around looking for customers (stations, business parks…), list in local directories (developing good reviews) and provide a phone line for people to book through. Order the most appropriate website for your niche from professionals, provide a presence in social networks - and your popularity and your revenue will take off in a short time. Then you look after the pet/s at your home or property for the agreed period (typically charging a day rate, paid upfront). You can find online tutoring clients on sites like. You also need to learn how to keep calm during unplanned moments, stressful situations and unforeseen disasters. Many handcrafting specialists are making £200-300 a day running such courses, for workshop customers list yourself on There you have it, a list of 20+ small business ideas that’ll make you money in 2020. Many car boot sale businesses will focus on a particular niche and build up a loyal customer base who come back for items such as cameras, watches or furniture. If your comfortable cold calling or emailing businesses to sell products/services and feel comfortable closing sales with a reasonable amount of product knowledge, then working as a freelance developer might just be the perfect business for you. Turn your hobby into an idea for a super demanded business in 2020 - an event agency. Have you ever noticed that telephone bills seem to be slowly growing with the time? Check out this dropshipping tutorial to learn more. Printing via home/standard business printers is often expensive, lacks quality and is slow when it comes to large volumes of printed materials (business cards, leaflets, posters…). Believe me, this studio will be a hit - even if you live in a small town with several thousand inhabitants. Of course, that depends on coming up with a monetization strategy that generates recurring revenue. To start a debt collecting agency, you need some basic understanding of the law and excellent interpersonal/communication skills (also some safety gear is advisable). You can also contact the local council and see if there looking to contract someone to clean up mess in public spaces (bear in mind local council contracts can be difficult to obtain). If you’re a bit of a dog whisperer this could be the perfect idea for you. The rest of the marketing will come down to passing trade you’ll get at the shop location, add a coming soon sign in the shop window and a promotional offer to entice shoppers visiting. The lowest cost way to get started is running a home service where you visit clients to cut their hair, you can also rent space from a local hair salon or subcontract. Get paid a cut to help companies raise finance from a business angel or venture capital fund. Generating affiliate sales is all about marketing to the right audience, driving relevant traffic to the landing/product pages you have set up to sell. You can also choose to work directly with a client by offering your services on freelancer sites such as Upwork to work with small home and business owners owners on individual projects varying in scale (full houses, conservatories, office refurbishment…). You will need a commercial premise from the start with this business, with facilities on site (dog baths, hoses and other equipment). So, if you have strong organizational skills and other skills required for this profession, you can inevitably become a travel planner. Tour operators organize large-scale excursions, and offers for groups of 5-8 people is not enough. To get started blogging, you’ll need to decide on what niche you’re going to cover (popular areas include business, beauty, lifestyle and finance, although there are many more). In terms of marketing you can reach customers through the standard digital marketing (social media marketing, email marketing, paid search marketing…). Blogs are online magazines in a niche that people read for advice, information and resources. People visit such places to find stuff they will never find anywhere else: from vintage home goods to handmade jewelry or else. Window cleaning has been essential since the invention of glass (no one likes dirty windows and they prevent light getting in). This business can be set up at home but its arguably better to have an office where clients can meet you to discuss their investigation needs privately. Plus, there’s no limit to the number of students you can enroll in your class. The average cost of a personal trainer is $20-80 per hour. Great business ideas used at the right moment can end up in successful large-scale projects and millions of dollars as an annual profit. With painting and decorating it’s very simple to reach new clients, by listing yourself on sites like Checkatrade, myBuilder and rated people (sites are paid via commission on each job or through a listing fee). . If you already have a handcrafting skill or know how to make a particular product you can get started straight away. If you have a particularly inspiring story or are just amazing on stage, you can make a lot of money touring the speaker circuit. To retain customers, you might also consider investing in a building a brand and an eCommerce website (this is common for jewellery brands). This business can initially be very mobile. You can sell directly into supermarkets (though the margins may be low and its time consuming to get such contracts) or you can start simply with a mobile lemonade stand you can take to festivals, community events and high traffic locations (Innocent tested their first smoothies at a festival). Make a portfolio of family and friends photos. Get rid of perfectionism: "A bad process is better than none.". What’s more, you don’t need to spend hours on product research because you can use dropshipping apps like Oberlo to find awesome products to sell. According to a 2016 report by Google, 6 out of 10 people would rather watch internet videos than live television. The payback period of such a business project is estimated at a minimum of a year. Working as an event organizer requires ingenuity and huge attention to details. These domains are generally bought with the idea being that these domains will capture traffic from popular domain name misspellings in most cases or misrepresent a different company as the same brand.

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