The wiring in a Null Modem cable is configured in a way to allow communication to flow both ways between the two devices, the PC and the machine. Why isn’t there a manual for the Options? Click here to download:Windows Compatibility patch for PSW. Why? This gives a more professional appearance to the lettering. Turn machine back on. A damaged needle can also be the cause of a noisy machine – insert a new needle. The Conversion Software and the PC communicate with the Quantum® XL-6000 through a special serial port cable called a Null Modem Cable, (Singer Part # 270-10D1-20206 for 6-foot cable, Part # 270-10D1-20210 for 10-foot cable). There are 120 built-in designs in the software, but you can also select from thousands of pre-digitized designs and download them from various websites. Bring up the design in the PSW® 2.00a software. Futura software does not install nor work on Mac OS without the need to add special software. Remove the check mark from the “Set alignment point for large hoop also” box. These images are often scanned into the computer, although they may come from CD’s. Does it matter what type of fabric marker is used to mark the X and Y axis lines for Multi-hooping? Name the document and then save. If you are comfortable with a computer and a mouse you will be able to do beautiful embroidery. Re-attach the embroidery unit to the machine. How accurately must the fabric be placed in the hoop when embroidering a Multi-hoop design? How do I correct this? Sew at a controlled moderate speed when sewing over multiple layers of seams. Skipped stitches and broken needles can happen when stitching over the thick flat-fell seams of jeans. I know the port works because I connect my Palm Pilot to it. The Futura sewing and embroidery machines stitch out one color at a time, the software will notify you when it is time to rethread your machine with a different color thread. Basically the design is exactly the way it appears on the screen. Designs that have a more boxy or geometric ending do not lend themselves well to turning the corner. I have everything plugged in correctly but there are no lights on my converter box. Can you explain this? Send the design to the machine using the same steps as mentioned above. To access the manual return the CD to the drive and go into Windows Explore and find your Options CD. Whether you are a more experienced sewist or you’re just getting started, here are a few tips we’d like to share with you to help keep your sewing easy and fun! Can you recommend a Serial (nine pin) to USB converter cable that will work with the Professional Sew Ware™ 2.00a? Why can’t I pull them into my machine? There are several possibilities for this. Also check to see that the bobbin is threaded correctly in the bobbin case. Uninstall the Futura™ software and then re-install. Unfortunately the QUANTUM® XL-5000 RAM memory is limited. How do I correct this error? A little gadget called a Jean-a-ma-jig™ by Dritz® or the Hump Jumper® fits all machines and will level the foot for smooth continuous stitching. Can you explain the PhotoStitch Satin Fill parameters? Any USB to serial adapter with an FTDI chip will work. Also, always make sure the presser foot is in the down position before you start sewing. The integrity of the design was lost. Stitches may not be moved, added to or deleted. The thread should pull easily and smoothly. However, if you take a closer look it’s easy to understand. Reviews and recommendations for Singer sewing machines. Reconnect the USB cable to both the machine and the computer. *If you do not have either of these a small piece of fabric or paper placed under the back of the foot will help keep the presser foot even when you first start sewing the seam. Turn off your sewing machine and push the foot contol plug into the machine fully. Go to file, save as, choose the area where you want to save the design (My documents). (3) Check to see that the bobbin case is threaded properly. Scroll down until you locate the Windows folder. The Web site is temporarily out of service. When you replace the bobbin pull on the thread. Singer Brilliance 6180 C3 Error? Use appropriate stabilizer for the fabric being used. This error will usually occur if either the hoop is not attached or not attached correctly when you try to transmit the design to the machine. Also try readjusting the stitch length. What’s wrong? Check to see that lint or oil has not collected on the hook or needle bar. Since the AutoPunch digitizes by color changes it would place stitches in the entire blue circle area and then overlap with stitches again when digitizing the pink circle. The lines on the fabric must be at exact 90-degrees for accurate results. Purchase and install the Parallels software on your Mac OS, Purchase and install a Windows Operating System when in the parallels mode, Launch the Windows OS and then load the Futura software. Nearly all popular embroidery formats are available to allow the import of almost any design. In the Modify menu, select Center the design. Create your design using the PSW® 2.00a software, being sure to have the design fit into the Continuous Hoop. Poor quality or old thread is usually the cause for uneven stitches. What should I do? Open the Windows folder and scroll until you find the FONT folder. The Conversion Software is not a program that allows creating or digitizing original designs. Why? You will need to purchase and install a special emulator software called ‘Parallels’ –, as well as a Windows Operating system for your computer. A USB cable may be used with a USB-to-Serial (9-pin) conversion cable. There is a conversion program that will allow direct linkage from the computer to the sewing machine through a null modem serial cable. How important is marking the X and Y axis lines on the fabric? Double click on the Futura Icon to open up the program. The beauty of the Multi-hoop function is that the fabric need not be placed accurately in the hoop. Satin Width refers to the actual width of the satin column, like the stitch width on your sewing machine while doing a zigzag stitch.

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