Indian tourism and hospitality industry has emerged as one of the key drivers of growth among the services sector in India. The hotel industry is extremely competitive making it crucial for them to use a variety of hotel marketing strategies to make themselves visible. The hospitality industry includes many sectors like hotel industry, being a direct beneficiary of the growth in the economy The chunk of money that a supplier sets for his product is labeled as price. Hotel is a part of the hospitality industry which is an umbrella term for a broad variety of service So, what is hotel or hotel industry? 1.1 What is hotel industry? ... marketing in hotel industry. Introduction This reports aims to discuss the key trends and issues that are currently impacting sales and marketing within the hotel industry. hotel industry being a vital part of the wider hospitality industry occupies an important place in the economy of most countries, the industry has been forecasted to generate 555 billion U.S dollars in revenue in 2016. This particular sector has been transformed over recent years, by advances in technology which in turn have changed consumer’s buying habits. Introduction of Hotel Industry: Hotels have a very long history, but not as we know today, way back in the 6th century. Hotel or hotel industry alone provides two basic things: food and accommodation. Hotel can be classified into different categories or classes, based on their operational criteria. Food, accommodation and dress are the three most essential things of human. ... consumers’ tastes keep wavering too. The large companies that provide hotel services have … PDF | The marketing in this industry has gained big protagonist in today's context. Setting the price … PDF | Digital marketing is the promotion of products or brands through online. The hotel industry, being the most visible sector within the hospitality industry, is experi- Price. Hotel sales and marketing: key trends and issues 1 1.

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