According to Freud, when a man dreams of a door is a sexual symbol, ie not satisfied impulses and sexual desires. Dreaming is heard or seen heavy rain and the dreamer takes shelter to avoid getting wet, hints that will succeed in their projects and plans. It indicates uncertainty, insecurity, but nonetheless for the correct interpretation will be very interesting to observe the sensations we have while we dream, and the person we face in the game…. To dream that is entered through a door may mean that there will be calumnies from enemies of those who tried to flee. Seeing a Nazi in a dream represents a form of evil and merciless force with which there is no reason, may feel that others will want to put down…. You are putting an issue or situation to rest. Dream walking soldiers on parade or in small groups, but wounded and returning from a battle, he suggests that love ones suffer problems and losses, which require your understanding and support. When a man dreams of a suit to measure, or if female, dress, success means close, if it appears clean. If red means energy, change in business or work, etc. Seeing a guard in a dream symbolizes authority and power. Seeing a man of war in a dream means travel and fight beds…. Your problems will soon pass. Seeing a sultan in a dream, it usually means you are going to be disappointed most likely caused by some people in the environment itself, because their attitude and behavior are not short of confidence and sincerity of your feelings toward them . Sleep may be the answer to a feverish real state or being overly warm. -Sentirnos Looked insistently but without seeing the eyes that look at us denote guilt complexes. You need to exercise more balance and control in your life. You may need to spend some time to clear your mind and … You need to improve the lines of communications with someone. If the door of a mansion suggests economic successes. When a woman dreams she’s wearing a defective clothing, rags or spotting may mean that receive ill-treatment due to misunderstandings with people who esteem, if, on the contrary, has a beautiful dress, it stands next successes, especially in social relations depending on the medium in which it unfolds. Actually it is a warning. Throwing or pouring water: Premonition that suffer loss or theft. To dream that others are getting wet by exposed to rain implies that the dreamer is moving away from some friendships because, due to suspicions are losing their confidence. …Stay, great disappointments and reversals of fortune will suffer. When in dreams we are trapped in a basement, usually symbolic of adversities and sufferings that make us difficult life ahead, if during sleep we get out of it, it is a sign that our situation will improve and we will receive very interesting proposals , especially in the workplace…. If you dream about pouring water on shiva Linga then it means you are very soon going to be joined with someone in your life like life partner. If you were pouring water on someone in your dream, then this is a symbol of an embarrassing situation that will happen to you. When a woman dressed as soldier or dreams among soldiers, it may mean that your wishes are not very healthy and that as a result of their actions will fall into disrepute in their social environment. If a woman dreams that during a rainy night passing through a door may mean that at least intends to experience objectionable adventures. 7 – blind – A number of blind luck of sleep – 7…. When a door appears closed and the dreamer can not open, it suggests that is probably not on the right track, causing difficulties both in family and in business and with friends. Your dream means your mother. Sleep also means you are trying to fool someone into believing something or what you know is not true. Seeing a judge in a dream represents an authoritative figure in your life and he feels a need to be controlled by and telling you what to do. Seeing a jester in a dream symbolizes the little things and pastimes prevent him from paying attention to things…. Seeing a package in a dream represents energy, skills, or creative sensations. To dream that someone tries to lock the door where the dreamer is going and that it is clear from its hinges and falls suggests that someone needs your help, but you can not give you even looking forward to it. Seeing a magician in a dream suggests that tries to sharpen your energy and manage your skills…. Dreamed swinging on an open door suggests lack of seriousness and honesty in their activities. Some authors add that seeing us in a dream kissing a dead, is harbinger of inheritance. Dreamed dressed in many colors suggests that soon will change fortune. Dreamed of going through a door, no matter what shape or size suggests that soon receive news, perhaps unpleasant, relating to matters being handled. Send a suggested package that will plan your new shares or business…. Rain dream effect of dark clouds warns of several risks in the near future in matters being handled and squabbles, misunderstandings, mishaps, etc. Dream soldiers on parade and gala tinsel he suggests that the dreamer is falling into excesses that must be controlled to overcome self and thus achieve real success in your life and the enemies that are attacking. If we are covering our ears we symbolizes not want to recognize our emotional dependency on another person or situation. Much of the above also applies to men…. So far, you have been able to keep your feelings under control. How would you behave or what does not agree with your belief system. Overall it is a bad omen seeing us in a dream last in any classification, usually it indicates that a time of bad luck will prevail will face failure. Dream you hear the rain beating on the roof of his house he indicates happiness and well-being at home and future economic improvement. When in sleep he finds that because of the rain is leaking in the room shows the desire for illicit love affairs. If dream is the dreamer himself who sees himself as a sultan, it means that businesses will be conducted with a total lack of scruples, without regard to the adversaries who are treated with contempt and greed….

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