Pressure-sensitive safety edges can reduce risks at hazardous points up to Performance Level 'e' in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1. This manual covers the use of the parts of the Safedge system. In accordance with EN ISO 13856-2 and EN ISO 13849-1; EN 12978 for motorized doors and edges. OA Edge Sensor System Swinging / Folding Doors. Iron mounting “I” and angle section ”L” can be added to enable respectively horizontal and vertical fixing. Safety Edge/Edge Controller Safety sensors to detect contacts by mounting to moving parts of hazards ... a ready-to-use Safety Edge will be delivered to you: Note: For details, refer to "Model Number Structure" on catalog. Safety Edges are “contact” devices that operate when touched using pressure sensitive sensors. Particularly suitable for outside use, in any environment and temperature range (-15°C to +55°C), it can be supplied as a “do it yourself” solution with a series of accessories allowing to the customer/installer to implement the edge directly on the machine. These mats have two conductive hardened steel plates that are held apart by non-conductive compressible separators. The safety sensor consists of two conductive reeds which are kept separate one from another by means of a non conductive part; reeds come into contact when the PVC section undergoes deformation. Chevron Left 440F Safedge Profiles. These products can be used commercially or industrially, because of their sensitive material and advanced technology. • Aluminium support channel (“C” shape). Guardmaster Safedge Pressure Sensitive Safety Edge System Installation and User Manual ... Chevron Left Safety Presence Sensors. New Applications Require Miller Edge MWRT02 Transmitter and Receiver Kit. Chevron Right. A Safety edge can be used wherever moving edges pose a risk. If an obstacle is encountered, the device signals the gate opener to stop and/or reverse operations. The safety sensor consists of two conductive reeds which are kept separate one from another by means of a non conductive part; reeds come into contact when the PVC section undergoes deformation. 6 m or roll of 25m. Our Bulletin 440F MatGuard™ Safety Mats are pressure-sensitive safeguarding products that we designed to detect the presence of people on the sensing surfaces. The safety edge is a rubber profile, which deforms under pressure and triggers a safe stop via the associated control interface unit. It can provide a continuous line of high sensitivity touch sensing along or around practically anything. Compliance with gate and door standard EN-13241-1:2003 and EN12453, certified by approved laboratory to EN-954-1 standard, Cat. SCC Edge Controller. Chevron Down. Pressure-sensitive edges consist of an aluminium support channel section (C-shape) and a PVC section into which the safety sensor is housed. Length: per specification to nearest 1/4" Maximum length is up to 10 feet. Lead Wire: SJTO, 18 gauge, 2ft. A Safety Edge sensor is typically installed on the bottom edge of the door, leading edge of the gate or wherever contact could be hazardous to people, vehicles or equipment. Miller Edge 5' Sensing Gate Safety Edge With Built In Channel For Slide & Swing Gate Applications. These devices are sold by the foot with 4', 5', and 6' versions typically carried in stock. We offer standard configurable and custom mats, each with edge trim options. Conductive sensitive type “B1NC” and B2C” feature a thermoplastic type with two co extruded parts of conductive material (sensor) and two copper wires to stabilize the resistive value of the contact on the whole length of the edge.

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