For a typical sample of Au the refractive index MgH2 (Magnesium hydride) Lu (Lutetium) KTiOPO4 (Potassium titanyl phosphate, KTP) 1988: n,k 0.0024-0.122 µm Pb (Lead) Nb2O5 (Niobium pentoxide) OTHER - miscellaneous materials Tab-delimited data file for unrestricted use: © Copyright 2020 KLA Corporation. Yakubovsky et al. AlAs (Aluminium arsenide) Ag (Silver) --Frank Groark, TRW Space & Technology Division, Laser Gold®- NIST Standard Reference Material #1929, Design Considerations – Electroless Nickel, Gold Plating and Silver Plating on Plastics and Carbon Fiber, Laser Gold Spectral Reflectance Graphical Data, Laser Gold Spectral Reflectance Tabular Data, Hemispherical Directional Reflectance on Specular Au, Specular Gold Directional Reflectance at 20 Degrees Incidence, Spectral Reflectivity of Epner’s Laser Gold, Spectroscopic Ellipsometry Analysis of Opaque Gold Film. Read More, Almost everyone who attends the SPIE DSS Exposition has received a gold-plated paper clip from Mr. David Epner, personally. CO2 (Carbon dioxide) Si3N4 (Silicon nitride) GaP (Gallium phosphide) CO (Carbon monoxide) Fe3O4 (Iron(II,III) oxide, Magnetite) Yakubovsky et al. (see Fig.1), Our rough, diffuse Laser Gold coated samples showed similar consistency when measured by NIST for the pre-comparison data points. Lemarchand 2013: 3.96-nm film; n,k 0.35-1.8 µm CaF2 (Calcium fluoride) MoS2 (Molybdenum disulfide) 2020: 44-nm film; n,k 0.30-2.0 µm Mon-Fri), To request the proprietary encrypted file please enter your Filmetrics® system information, Your serial number could not be found. Sc2O3 (Scandium sesquioxide) CaMoO4 (Calcium molybdate) Olmon et al. InSb (Indium antimonide) NaI (Sodium iodide) Yb2O3 (Ytterbium sesquioxide) To obtain the complete report of this unprecedented study, including the list of the 23 participants, the stucture and analysis of the results, including all the graphs, click below (All this makes for a large file [9.95MB], so be patient!). All rights reserved. (see Fig. Yakubovsky et al. LiNbO3 (Lithium niobate) Kr (Krypton) CsI (Cesium iodide) MoTe2 (Molybdenum ditelluride) NH4H2PO4 (Ammonium dihydrogen phosphate, ADP) -Roger L. Counts, Keith A. Corsi, NASA-Goddard. Ordal et al. Gold is a chemical element with the symbol Au and an atomic number of 79. AgGaS2 (Silver gallium sulfide, AGS) ZnTe (Zinc telluride) Hf (Hafnium) 2012: Evaporated gold; n,k 0.300-24.93 µm Bi12GeO20 (Bismuth germanate, BGO) CuCl (Cuprous chloride) Eu (Europium) Well, the gold costing that Epner supplies to the optics industry has some interesting infrared reflectance (and emittance) properties… Si (Silicon) GaSe (Gallium selenide) InP (Indium phosphide) (24 Hr. For more than twenty years, Epner Technology had been the sole source supplier of these standards. [Full database record], RefractiveIndex.INFO website: © 2008-2020 Mikhail Polyanskiy, database: public domain via CC0 1.0, NO GUARANTEE OF ACCURACY - Use on your own risk. He (Helium) YLiF4 (Yttrium lithium fluoride, YLF) Be (Beryllium) Laser Gold plating reflectivity is greater than 99% at 10.6 microns and greater than 97% at 0.7 microns when measured on a low-scatter substrate, measured at 6 degrees angle of incidence. 0.18104 and 3.068099. B4C (Boron carbide) Rb (Rubidium) PbS (Lead sulfide) Mo (Molybdenum) Yb (Ytterbium) For both materials, … CdGeP2 (Cadmium germanium phosphide) Sr (Strontium) Johnson and Christy 1972: n,k 0.188-1.937 µm Ta (Tantalum) Se (Selenium) Windt et al. Pr (Praseodymium) RbBr (Rubidium bromide) Olmon et al. Lemarchand 2013: 4.62-nm film; n,k 0.35-1.8 µm GaAs (Gallium arsenide) YbF3 (Ytterbium trifluoride) MgAl2O4 (Magnesium aluminate, spinel) Hg (Mercury) KNbO3 (Potassium niobate) TlCl (Thallium chloride) Er (Erbium) 2017: 25-nm film; n,k 0.30-2.0 µm Because of its outstanding cleanability, stability and reflectivity, in 1984, the National Bureau of Standards, (NIST), chose Laser Gold plating as the Standard IR reference material (#2011). 2012: Single-crystal gold; n,k 0.300-24.93 µm 1998: Lorentz-Drude model; n,k 0.248-6.20 µm By using this site, you agree to our updated Privacy Policy and our Cookie Policy. The reflectivity in the infrared equals and often exceeds that of a freshly vapor-deposited gold. 2018: Au/SiO2; n,k 0.191-20.9 µm The Epner mirrors were two samples, of a five sample group that was individually calibrated at NIST and then sent to twenty-three participating optical laboratories in a groundbreaking nationwide “Star” Intercomparison of Infrared Reflectivity, with each lab getting its own separate sample set. CS2 (Carbon disulfide) Cu2O (Copper(I) oxide) 1974 #2: n,k 0.00354-0.827 µm ZnO (Zinc monoxide) AgCl (Silver chloride) LiCaAlF6 (Lithium calcium aluminum fluoride, LiCAF) Gold is a dense, soft, and shiny metal and the … Optical constants of Au (Gold) Johnson and Christy 1972: n,k 0.188-1.937 µm BiFeO3 (Bismuth ferrite, BFO) BP (Boron phosphide) In all cases, the measurements were made with the Laser Gold plated over a highly polished, low scatter electroless nickel substrate. Rosenblatt et al. BaTiO3 (Barium titanate) Lemarchand 2013: 5.77-nm film; n,k 0.35-1.8 µm BeO (Beryllium monoxide) Y2O3 (Yttrium sesquioxide) Hagemann et al. Refractive Index Reference - Sopra Material Library. Ni (Nickel) ORGANIC - organic materials   2015: n,k 0.3-1.7 µm 2019: 9-nm film; n,k 0.30-3.3 µm Read More, "Not only was the Laser Gold plating and masking on this critical component flawless, but it was delivered on time against an 'impossible' schedule." Rev. PbF2 (Lead difluoride) Cu (Copper) Y3Al5O12 (Yttrium aluminium garnet, YAG) Pd (Palladium) CdTe (Cadmium telluride) and AZ Technology, a NASA source in Huntsville. 2017: 53-nm film; n,k 0.30-2.0 µm WS2 (Tungsten disulfide) [TXT - tab separated] Please try again or contact us if you feel this is in error. Because of its high-reflectivity in the near-infrared it is used for the protective coatings on many artificial satellites, in protective faceplates in thermal protection suits and astronauts' helmets, and also for electronic warfare.

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