It’s much easier to keep a hobby going seriously when one is not pursuing it alone. Of course, there are the expensive professional versions that sound wonderful and are perfect for baroque music and were quite popular in that time.They come in … As this can lead to postural damage to the neck, shoulders and lower back,children in particular need careful instruction and accompaniment when learning the flute. This is to suggest that soft woods produce a soft sound, hard woods produce a hard sound, and that there is a broad expressive range in warm timbres. For a period of time in the late 1600s and early 1700s, the term flute douce, or just flute was used to refer to the recorder in England. Instrument Families As with many instrument families, the flute and the recorder both have produced various voicings of the instrument to cover a wide range of pitches. Flute (verb) To form flutes or channels in (as in a column, a ruffle, etc. Even in Italy, flauto referred to the recorder while flauto traverso referred to the transverse flute. Hope that helps # Posted by Damian 13 years ago. The Native flute is much more limited - it can sound beautiful but it's tones/notes are not in the usual western scales. The key difference between flute and recorder is that recorders have a fipple that directs the air across the edge of the tone hole whereas standard flutes don’t have a fipple.CONTE… The recorder, even with a high-quality design is generally described as a soft instrument. Flute (verb) To utter with a flutelike sound. Maple has a sweet, clear sound, with an exquisite harmony, prominent when playing within an ensemble. The recorder is a woodwind instrument of the family known as flutes or whistle-like instruments.The recorder is end-blown and the mouth of the instrument is constricted by a wooden plug, known as a block. Plastic recorders do have a reputation for being loud, but in reality, they’re not loud, they’re just squeaky. Re: Tin Whistle vs. Flute (verb) To make a flutelike sound. The most obvious difference is in the playing position or orientation of the instrument: The recorder is heldvertically, straight and with both hands in front of the upper body, while the transverse flute is held in an asymmetrical position from the mouth to the right shoulder. Recorder Hi, I have been playing first the recorder for more than 10 years. Good players can get louds and softs, but the overall range is much quieter compared to the flute. I took up recorder in large part because of the knowledge that there was a local branch of the American Recorder Societyhere in Pittsburgh, which I joined just shortly after beginning to play the alto recorder. The term flute is used to refer to a variety of instruments that produce sound from the flow of air across an opening; however, the term flute mainly refers to the western concert flute in modern usage. ); to cut a semicylindrical vertical groove in (as in a pillar, etc.). A recorder has a bit more of brash sound, to me which I think is captured really well in this YouTube video that I made: Technique makes a big difference here, you will get a much different sound from player to player, but in general, the recorder has a stronger sound, while the tin whistle sounds more earthy to me. While tone production on the flute and recorder vary quite a bit, the actual sound produced is similar. This means that the end result of making the switch from flute to recorder music will not sound odd or out of place, as it might on other instruments. Recorder (noun) An apparatus for recording; a device which records. That is true even for so… Flutes are reedless instruments in the woodwind family. Recorder is the instrument many of us are introduced to in elementary school by way of cheap plastic models.

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