Brave Avert Defense Down+50% Job Change Shift: Earth Prismatic Draw+10% Job Change Recast: 4 (Act: I); 400 (Act: II) Resist Wind+15% Bard is just okay with a few things. Resist Water+30% Enhance Water+20% Avert Unguard+100% Extended Break+4 Prismatic Shift Exploit Weakness+400% Damage Up+25% Avert Magic Down+100% Present, Enhance Earth+100% Enhance Light+380% Job Change Recast: 4 (Act: I); 400 (Act: II) Extended Break+4 Flash Break+100% Avert Action Loss +100% Chaque ennemi a sa propre affinité élémentaire. Weaken Weaken My final attempt at getting past as much of this game as I can, recommendations? Steelguard+5% Job Change Shift: Water ()  Boost Element Call Bis +2 Avert Magic Down+100% Job Change Recast: 4 (Act: I); 400 (Act: II) this is to keep people playing and to keep things fresh without changing the game so much with so much development cost/time/effort. Exploit Weakness+115% Painful Break +140% Limited-Time: He has got high brake power that is very fatal. Ultimate Charger+5 Enhance Water+75% Auto-Charge Ultimate+3 Ultimate Charger+2  Haste High Wind . Dispel Bis Quick Break + 15% Prismatic Shift Attack Limit Break Heal Drive: Light+2% Avert Magic Down +100% Avert Action Loss+100% Healing Victory+20% Resist Dark+40% Ult Charger +2 October 16, 2017 Piercing Break+150% Dispelga Auto-Charge Ultimate+4 On his negative side, he has very low resistance to elements like fire and water. Avert Defense Down+100% Heal Drive: Earth+2% Damage Up+50%, Overpower(Up to+50%) Enhance Fire+200%, Enhance Fire+20% Weakness Weapon Painful Break+20% Extended Break+4 Moreover, he is more vulnerable to magical spells of the foes. Ability Chain+70% Enhance Light+120% Bio Attuned Chain+70% Resist Dark+20% Painful Break+150%, Heal Drive: Earth+3% Quick Break+20% Ability Chain+80% Debarrier Painful Break+50% Job Change Recast: 4 (Act: I); 400 (Act: II) Exploit Weakness+175% Enhance Dark+100% Area Ultimate Charge: Abilities Quick Break+20%, Power Drive: Wind+2 Extended Break+4 Painful Break+150% Ability Chain+70% Quick Break+25% Job Change Recast: 4 (Act: I); 400 (Act: II) Job Change Shift: Dark () On her weaker side, she has a low defense and resistance. Extended Break+4 There are four Job Classes. Resist Wind +35% Scourge+400% Improved Criticals +1500%, Enhance Fire+150% Defense+40 Avert Break Power Down+100% Piercing Break +150% Stun, Element Call Bis+8 Break Power Up+25% / +50%, Brave Quicken The official MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY Facebook page! Resist Earth+20% Area Heals and Boons  Wall II Prismatic return +10%  Brave Slow Heal Drive: Wind+2% Flash Break+300% Within 30 days upon your account creation, you may randomly purchase Starter Packs for 3 Summon Tickets (or 1500 Magicite). Resist Fire+30%  Brave Single-target + area attack. Resist Wind +30% 15, 2019 8:00 p.m. - Apr. Extended Break +5 Break Power Up+50%, Base Attributes+40% Job Change Recast: 4 (Act: I); 400 (Act: II) Resist Water+30% Resist Dark+30% Painful Break+80% Medic +3% Crit Chance+20% He has also got high break power that makes him among the most agile players in the list. Avert Attack Down+50% October 2018 Batch I Resist Dark+20%  Brave II Job Change Shift: Dark () Snow is a character with numerous strong points and that’s the major reason why she is among the top characters in the game. Kill & Draw+1 Job Change Recast: 3 (Act: I); 300 (Act: II) Resist Fire+30% Enhance Dark+50% Extended Break+4 Attuned Chain+30%, Power Drive: Fire+4 Area Ultimate Charge: Normal Attacks Job Change Recast: 4 (Act: I); 400 (Act: II) Heal Drive: Dark+2% Enhance Light+70% After starting, you are encouraged to go to the Novices' Hall, where you will receive the Warrior, Mage, and Ranger jobs, some ★4 Ability Cards, and an initial pack of resources to upgrade them for mainline play. Her multistage death power makes her one of the most likeable characters in this version of the game. Critical Resist Down, Apr.  Faith Quick Break+20% Kill & Draw+1 Healing Victory+10% Kill & Draw+2 Break Power Up+50%, Quicken Sleep Resistance+100% Kill & Draw+1 Enhance Light+130% Piercing Break +250% Damage Up+50% / +30% Prismatic Return+25% Cross-Counter (up to +15%) Painful Break+100% Sleep There are only 6 Important Jobs in the pool you should get: Yoshimitsu:"This... coming from a wannabe ninja" Cyborg:"Night begins to Shine when we're Dancing the night into the sky". Job Change Recast: 4 (Act: I); 400 (Act: II)

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