I bought a Mighty Mite Strat Neck from StewMac. I payed about 130 dollars for it, new, and I absolutely love it. Mighty Mite Stratocaster Replacement Neck. The Classic Vibe series strats are made to Fender specs but are 21 fret necks, which would make a 22 fret neck impossible to intonate. Mighty Mite Neck(s): Originally had to send back the initial neck which had issues with the workmanship of the nut, excessive fret end sprout, and was a one piece neck instead of two (maple). Assuming the Mighty Mite neck is made to fender specs, you'll need to consider what Squier body you're getting. THAT said, if you want a GOOD neck by mighty mite, seek out CEG Hardtails on ebay. The performance of the Mighty Mite did improve in our cereal test, taking about three passes to do an acceptable job on the low-pile carpet. He lives 10 minutes away from the MM distributor in Illonois. I had an ant problem for about half a year in various places in my house. Here’s what I can tell you – do not buy one of these necks if you plan on simply dropping it into your Strat. The Eureka Mighty Mite is a versatile canister vacuum. I can return it, or refret it. Eureka Mighty Mite Canister. By Nigelito, July 25, 2006 in Electric Guitars Overall Rating. Didn't have to level the frets, just had to polish them a little bit. It easily picks up pet hair as well as small and large debris on this surface type, which makes it a handy tool in a garage. I’ve read that Mighty Mite necks are hit and miss – some people get lucky, some don’t. The lightweight design and powerful motor create a canister vacuum that could be a good solution for almost any household. View All Reviews; Nigelito's Reviews; View More Reviews for this Product; Sound Quality . There's a lot of variables. Stew Mac had exchanged it for a new neck (Rosewood) and honored the original sale price at the time of purchase. Check Price This review is for the neck only. Users have the option to suck up messes or blow them away by simply changing the location at which the hose is plugged in. I just finished a '62 telecaster build from various parts for which I bought a mighty mite neck, and I really was surprised by the quality of it. He hand picks the best grained necks from the lot, takes them home and does a complete fret sprout,level, crown, polish treatment to it and sells them on ebay for extra $40 compared to a regular one. It also has very good overall performance on carpet but it struggles a bit more with small debris. rinse and repeat. I’m going to refret it. The Eureka Mighty Mite is a budget-friendly canister vacuum designed with bare floors in mind. Taking care of the problem myself was like playing whack-a-mole — I would find a bunch of ants, feed them Terro for 14-21 days, and a month later find another bunch of ants in a different location, …. This is my review – it’s shit.

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