If the requirements are exceeded, extra flotation material is needed and it’s extremely costly. If you use metal studs you need to, double screw then spot/tack weld the head to the stud after. Just wanted to point out a couple things. She could easily handle the 2×6 18′ steel studs for the roofing. tick!”) and in addition to annoyance, there is a lack of security that comes from that sound. Fascoamerica.com hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(460427, 'fb6bd4c4-63fd-4f57-8d21-27374226dedf', {}); Topics: Just finishing our Tiny House with steel framing. Metal studs can be ordered in more variety of lengths and guages and can be cut with snipps or a metal chop saw of mitre saw with a metal cutting blade from a box store. It’s easy to cut lumber – all you need is a saw! Lightweight, sturdy if built correctly, and apparently not overly expensive, you have more design options since metal is strong and can span longer distances and be shaped in ways wood can’t, can’t rot (I like that one). I do like the ideal of being less weight. Easy to heat and cool are important. Visit us online to learn how we fit into your latest remodeling project! Of course the steel vs. wood conversation comes up a lot in the growing and expanding tiny house industry. I found and purchased an Avion for less than what I would have invested both in time and money. I have recorded the sounds for Pulte Warranty management and the Rep came and heard it (recording) and seemed very surprised. Predictable: Unlike wood, which can be delivered even if the boards are warped, twisted, or bent, steel studs (unless damaged) always arrive perfectly straight. I think the usual ones you get at Lowes are 25 gauge which are not load bearing. that extra hour or two of following behind and tacking the screws are 100% guaranteed of sucess. The theory being its cheaper to come back and fix the stuff they get caught on than it is to do it all the right way from the start. Due to the weight requirements to follow the criteria and specs ofthe corp of engineers. We did discover a solution for a much faster attachment method for HardiBoard and OSB/Plywood. I got an email this morning from one of our readers, Kevin, of CozyHomePlans.com. I would like to see his pics of his use of metal studs, etc. A. You can also leave it exposed to weather for a much longer period than wood. We found the screws better suited for putting the structure together. Let me know what you think! If one uses heavy gauge exterior studs and then laminates/glues and screw the studs on the outside and inside with plywood or some kind of like sheeting, why would screws come looses? I had some home buying and building courses on the college level; during a fire the metals will melt, whereas with woods you do not have to replace them if there is 3/4 of a stud left. There are also several ways to connect the studs together for shear. All electrical should be run in flex conduit or at the minimum be shielded from the metal when running through and along the walls. You are right on spot! Greg. eh? A wood 2×4 weighs 1.2-1.28 pounds per foot. I’m a carpenter by trade so I have my biases BUT any wall assembly using tin can studs will have the R-value of that wall compromised by 50%. When i stumbled on here i was researching the weight of various types of metal studs. Your Steel Works studs are information from your tear drop trailer ad from your following web site: With faux wood steel siding on the outside and mips on the inside the stability is super strong. afaik welding galvanized metals (which steel studs will largely be) produces some very toxic gas so research appropriately before welding. He says it is not holding up very well with all the moving and weather. Im no metal stud expert, as most of my experience is with wood. I have not read the full thread but am commenting on your comment. 2 years ago. I would do the above even if the house is stationary. I also see that you doubled up the studs in the floor. Was that to reinforce it to the same strength as load bearing metal studs? Do you think otherwise? Comes in a variety of strengths (gauge). However, i have worked extensively in florida on pulte projects and i can tell you they they and their subcontractors have a “different” approach to construction. My wife and I did all of the construction ourselves. And, it creates an immediate site for rust formation. Metal framing is great, almost all commercail buildings are framed with them including the structural exterior skin. Structural studs – 30 mil and heavier – are not going to save much weight vs SPF or White Wood studs. Running half inch conduit for interior wiring requires drilling holes for passing the conduit along. they are also very sharp to accommodate shooting into steel. It’s great to see the back and forth idea tossing. Still, PT wood is not fire proof and mold proof. They’re resistant to mold and mildew and wont break down over time, they’re also fire resistant and recyclable, and, if you make a mistake, just unscrew it and start over. Thx ! You can use flex conduit or use rubber grommets where the wiring passes the stud. I only have the exterior finished but already this thing is very strong and doesn’t budge, even when pushed against. It is lighter and actually streight (something you won’t find in wood studs)and comes in many sizes like 2 1/2” studs. BECK pneumatic tools and fasteners are available through Fasco America, their North American Master Distributor. Stability: When you go and pick out wood studs at the lumber yard you quickly see that no two studs are alike. If the correct flathead screws are used and not stripped when installing you should not have any problems. They are typically sold through Drywall suppliers, not your local hardware store. Share 0. It’s much more dangerous to try and cut metal, too. I have been considering using metal studs to build a slide-in camper. To learn more about SteelThread SCRAIL® and the other fasteners available through Fasco America® and the BECK Fastener Group®, contact our main office or the Territory Manager serving your area. It can also frame a door such that it is very difficult to violate the door by a thief. The heaters were on 100% for hours on end. cleaning of any chips or flash is always a good idea to check when running the wiring. Additionally, I used construction glue wherever possible, just in case of vibration. Inch and a quarter by inch and a quarter angle iron should be about right. It’d be interesting to know how. An 8 ft wood stud weighs from 13 – 20 lbs kiln dryed opposed to treated. fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); Glad we could help Bob! Also if metal is going to be your sheating I would GLUE and screw as the screws will pop over time. I have this sheathing on my houses. Glad to see this discussion…Am considering building a tiny house type camper and weight is a “BIG” deal…one word came to mind…”Airstream.” They’ve been building top notch all metal RV/Trailers for years. Metal, if not protected from the sun, does expand, and the finishes need to allow for that expansion. We value innovative technology, creative solutions, and quality customer service. E. Use self-tapping panhead screws for putting the studs and track together – then use a small dab of any decent construction adhesive on the inside of the track to keep the screw from vibrating loose. First metal stud home we ever had. An 8-foot, 3-1/2-inch metal stud, for instance, may support over 2,000 pounds, while a 16-foot stud of the same width will support as little as 400 pounds. Of course I will have to have some instruction before beginning the project, but I have high hopes…. But let’s take a look today at steel: If you have worked with steel studs before, you likely know the benefits of them. The cost is by the square foot and doesn’t increase with the length. The patented special thread allows for both excellent holding power in profiles of 0.5mm (24ga) to 1.6mm (16ga) thickness as well as subsequent screwing and readjustment, without damaging the material. Doesn’t squeak twist or wiggle in the least. Thx for your reply. Question on the Steel Studs. fill the stud centers with wood 2×4 at openings to allow really easy installation of doors and windows. SteelThread SCRAIL® can be used with the innovative InvisiGuide device for decking applications featuring steel joists. But that’s me! Simple solution for using heavy “load bearing” type metal studs–use bolts instead of sheet metal screws. But, while you might expect that they are durable under other conditions like extreme heat from fires, they aren’t. Which is better? Neither should wood. yes the area needed to support the loft if there is one will need to be heaver gauge structural stud. If the self welding scares you. You might want to look at Titan Tiny Homes. Anyway, my two cents…Good Luck! Double screwed each side near the edges of the stud with studs cut tightly to adjoining members. We did have to dial up our air compressor to 120+ to pin steel to steel. Not a good idea to have propane, liquids or extra electrons running freely around the house.

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