Hi Thomas. Next month, we’ll start making cheese. Sigh… Just for reference, 2 cups of cream will make 1 stick of butter (100 grams, 3 1/2 ounces, or 1/2 cup). If you use pasteurized, the needed cultures have been removed then added back. It’s very nominal in value. So cool you made butter yourself. What about cream from the store? My girlfriend said it also depends if you leave it open in the fridge. brings back fond and mouthwatering memories. Thanks for this post. Don’t throw anything away! First, you’ll get whipped cream. Lovin’ your blog btw. Nevertheless, I attempted to make butter with it, thinking maybe the blending would draw out the buttermilk. Recently made some in large baby food jars. In 30-40 minutes I had “butter” (2 TBSP from 2 cups Half & Half…I’m sure there may have been more if I knew what I was doing!). It was as you described, not sour cream, but not good for coffee. Once it sours, use it for baking bread and cakes and stuff. You’re looking for the cream to break and separate into two layers: solid yellow specks and clumps, and a cloudy liquid. Air pockets were created by the blade and nothing was mixing once it hit a whipped stage. I don’t know but if you’re suspicious, then butter can be frozen. One day I saw them onloading a shipment of my precious butter so I roared home on that trike as fast as a five-year old could go to tell my Mum so she could hurry down and get some before it got all gone. How to Make Butter: Homemade Butter Tutorial How To Make Butter: The Players. When it checks out at about 70, it usually only takes a few minutes to whip up. I tried it and it turned out so well. It doesn’t taste quite like the butter I’m used to – but then, I’ve never eaten raw butter before this. It’s probably healthier than the typical butter you find in grocery stores, too. What methods could I use to tell if it’s gone bad? I’m in Australia so I’m not sure our definitions are the same (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cream#Australia for a list) and I’d rather start the project with the right product than make a botch of it. They’ll be amazed that they actually made butter at home, and it will make their breakfast pancakes or toast extra special. How ,long did you run it? I’m very excited, I live in Australia where it’s illegal to sell / buy raw milk, but I’ve found a small dairy with happy cows, only 15 mins from me who will sell me raw milk YAY! Your email address will not be published. I used to just cover it and let it sit from morning until afternoon or evening. Instead of trying to get the milky byproduct outta the butter by pressing it with a spoon, could one use cheese cloth?? I’ll try this with my kids soon. Butter!! This doesn’t happen often but when it does, this has helped me. but the yield is very low. I do buy it from the same people who do our cow share. This is done by placing the butter in a pot on medium heat and allowing it to melt and let the residue separate without allowing it burn, so stir occassionaly, it should take half an hour or so. Should I use any certain kind or should I just try to find a farmer somewhere and buy some cream? Totally agree about Kerrygold and Organic Valley! My milk sat undisturbed in the back of the fridge for 24 hours, and then i took off all but 1″ of the cream from the top. I didn’t know about washing the butter, thanks for the tip! And Eureka!! 5. Just keep whipping a bit longer, you will see the fat starting to separate – that is our butter. But what’s the benefit of storing butter at room temperature? Anybody have a clue why I am not able to make buter with my raw cream? I stopped the blender, 3 times to push the cream down. and gosh dang was it good on home made bread. The cream gets thick, then grainy buttery solids form – but too tiny to gather into butter. This has happened both when making butter in a blender and with my hand churn. I have this issue when i put it in the fridge it becomes rick hard. I use organic, raw cream and a little salt. If cows are feeding on brassicas or some kind of a crop for an extended period the milk will taste weird. It’s another recipe that I will add to my list, as I do with all the others I find when searching around on the Internet. 4. Lee- Also, if you make it in a jar with your kids, you can add a little colored marble to the jar. All featured products are curated independently by our editors. I first tried ripened whole milk (per another blog I read), and that didn’t work. I have got to do this. I have so much yet to learn. And on that note, how do I get the buttermilk to be thick and cream?. If you prefer softer, spreadable butter, store it in a butter bell, butter crock, or butter keeper: For a compound butter that’s great on meat, fish, veggies, and bread, use a wooden spoon to blend the soft, freshly made butter with garlic and/or herbs. ): I don’t think they are designed to run for long periods of time. It contains saturated fat, and everybody knows that saturated fat is BAD. Squeeze and knead your butter to release the buttermilk. 1 gallon of milk will usually yield 1 to 1.5 pint of cream. Either discard or save for later use. I’m getting back to basics,I’ll be making this butter tomorrow evening.Thanks so much for sharing. You don’t want your butter to scream “salty”—you just want it to be flavorful. I am able to purchase local raw grassfed cream. Sour cream will give the butter just a hint of sourness. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Then I add a dash of sea salt and fold the butter a little longer until the salt is incorporated. Hi. My usage and purchase of commercial grade butter will diminish after this!! 6. I love the photos by the way good stuff. Give me some warm homemade bread and a nice slab of that yellow heaven! Hi Kristen, They have to be eating tall, shooting green grasses for the butter to be yellow. When I try to do this in a Cusinard stand mixer, on full speed all I get is cream that tastes like butter. Guess I got some milk in there too because it isn’t whipping up. Betsy — I made it in my stand mixer once, but I decided the blender was easier. But I was determined! It had also made many pounds of butter. I made butter today with cow’s milk cream that had been given me. I am a professional Chef. It’s just me and my hubby so I don’t want to make more than we can eat. Do you remember how much fat content there was in the sour cream? This may happen fairly quickly in a high-powered blender, or could take up to 10 minutes or more. 2. Use 1 to 2 tablespoons of fresh herbs per 1/2 cup of butter. Place a muslin or fine cloth in a sieve and strain the ghee to remove the residue. Many thanks. But I am so obssesive about getting the water out, and usually I will find some beads of it sitting on top. Since milk only contains less than 3% fat, we will use another type of dairy that is much thicker and contains a more significant amount of fat needed to make butter: whipping cream. Pour the buttermilk into another container, using a spoon to press as much buttermilk out of the butter as possible. But it’s impossible to resist butter completely. It is also an excellent replacement for Ghee which is included in many Indian dishes. Much easier to make butter when it clumps together. I made the post below, I had the same problem. Did you allow to cream to sour on purpose, or did you use it because it’s what you happened to have on hand? I then added water to wash. Thank you! (My four year old was eager to volunteer.). I was amazed to find that Kristen Michaels makes sour cream butter and i’d like to find out where I can get raw cream so I can make it too. And, to Meagan – you CAN make butter from whole milk; I’ve done it. You may hear the blender work harder as the butter begins to form. The first batch I made was yellowish, but the next was white and fluffy sort of like whipped cream,[I mixed them both together when I kneaded the butter to remove the butter milk, which turned the whole batch white] although, it cooks just like butter. I found this post just in time. I have never tried making it so I appreciate your post. I provide raw butter and milk. I can’t get raw cream but I can get some from pasture cows that are also fed some grain. I couldn’t get it to ever start the cycle and break into buttermilk. I think by blending it’s easy to over do it? Can it be used like cultured buttermilk or would it give different results? Place the mixing bowl into the large bowl. After draining, spend another 30-60 seconds blending it with iced cold water, squeeze out all the water, then put in plastic wrap. 2. 4. Start with a scant 1/8 teaspoon and increase as needed.

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