The Janus type 4 family of safety light curtains is the ideal solution for the protection of a vast number of high-risk industrial applications, in particular those requiring a high level of integration of the safety functions. of 80 m. The new SAFEGATE type 4 range of safety light curtains is the ideal solution for the protection of a vast number of high-risk industrial applications, in particular those requiring a highlevel of integration of the muting functions. $0.00, Cart Type. In this model, the sensors 1 and 2 are on the same side of the vertical light curtain and are placed in front of the guarded opening (Figure 5). To download the Catalogue Page, click on the link below: The EOS light curtain models have built-in functions including self-monitoring of static outputs, control of external contractors (EDM) and automatic/manual restart. SR BD40ALK Magnetic Sensor / SM B02F Actuator, CESE – Certified Electrical Safety Engineer, Machine Safety Training + Practical Wiring of Safety Controller, Machine Safety Training + Programming of Safety Controller, © Copyright - Venus Automation Pty Ltd 2018. For example, in the models with built-in Muting function, Janus guarantees the Protected height – This is the height controlled by the light curtain. The Panachrome safety edge system is the revolutionary new elevator safety detection system offering maximum passenger protection. First Name . Overview Documents. Total . 4 safety light curtains. Avire has supplied light curtains to the elevator market for over 30 years and has always been at the leading edge of the elevator safety industry. The PNB elevator phone is in a new improved format. For example, in the models with built-in Muting function,Janus guarantees the independence of the light curtain from the control circuits of the system (often distant from the protected gate) and, where necessary, also the integration of the Muting sensors. Safety Light curtains are electro sensitive devices using one or more light beams, emitted by an Emitter and received by a Receiver, to create an intangible controlled area. of 60 m, while the Dual model Beams reaches the max. Product Description: Light Curtain, MI 609, 610mm Protected Hgt, 16M Range, 90mm Resolution, type4-SIL3-PLe, Muting . Watertight light curtains permits safety to still be number one priority alongside any workspace with exposure to steam or water. $0.00 With more than two million Janus light curtains in use around the world, find out how we put more focus on safety. Pana40 Plus elevator safety edge  is the most established light curtain within the Janus range and is renowned for being an exceptionally high quality, durable and reliable solution. -- Founded in 1959, REER began its activity in the market of automation for the OEM industry. The E40/32 door edge safety system, provides a light-curtain of infra-red beams operating between the elevator car doors. Resolution – The resolution of a light curtain is the minimum size of an object that, placed into the controlled area, will obscure the controlled zone and hence stop the hazardous movement of the machine. The system is fully compliant to the 2019 update to ASME A17.1. To see how cookies are used, please review our. This premium safety edge has red and green indicators to highlight door movement and is also available with 3D detection, extending passenger protection into the landing zone. Pana40Plus 2D-3D Controller Installation Guide. Reer Light Curtains, JANUS Series . Home | Janus Elevator Light Curtains | Pana40 Plus. This phone has the reliability and features that you ... MRI - Machine Room Intercom with Handset phone. The system uses Panachrome+ infrared 2D detection and microwave radar technology for its 3D detection. Check out, Sort by Item Number 1360542 Series JANUS. The ML series manages the Muting function in one-way mode and is particularly suitable for protecting the outfeed gates of palletizing systems. You are here: Home / Contact Us-draft 1 / Light Curtains / REER Janus Light Curtains. E-Series is ideal for customers who require the excellent performance and quality expected of any Janus product but who do not require any additional features. $0.00. When deflection mirrors are used, it is necessary to take into account the attenuation factor introduced by each of them, which it is about 15%. Range - This is the maximum working distance that may exist between the emitter and the receiver. Protected Field (Height) 610 MilliMeters. To see how cookies are used, please review our, 3D detection option extends protection into the landing area, Fixing kits suitable for any installation, External controller for quick setup and configuration. All of our light curtains are manufactured at ISO accredited factories in the EU and China. Please answer a few questions and we will suggest you the ideal products for your needs. Please feel free to call at any time if you have any urgent matters and we will try our best to help. The Pana40 Plus  is also available with 3D detection – ideal for high-traffic and high-risk applications. The Admiral series of light curtains are typically best used for the protection of high-risk industrial applications. It includes colored indicators which operate on door movement; a feature that has been proven to enhance passenger safety and to reduce door damage. Product Name: Z to A, The Panachrome safety edge with Voice Annunciator is designed specifically for sites where additional safety is required by users, such as retirement homes, hospitals and public access buildings. MT TRX for Janus Safety Light Curtains. Pana40 Plus elevator safety edge is the most established light curtain within the Janus range and is renowned for being an exceptionally high quality, durable and reliable solution. Range – This is the maximum working distance that may exist between the emitter and the receiver. Phone : +66 2 7535625  Fax : +66 2 7535650. By using this site, you give consent for us to set cookies.

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