Verifying ISO certification is not difficult if you know the criteria by which to rate the certification. To request a copy of the suspended and withdrawn reference lists. Services. Certification; CASCO; The ISO Survey; Resources; SDGs; About us. Since there are many different types of standards that companies can be certified against, it is useful to check what was covered, and that the company continues to be certified. Certification & conformity. And anyone can provide an ISO 9001 certificate. The re-certification is ongoing and the validity of the certification is still awaiting technical verification. If you pay me $20, I would be happy to provide your organization with an ISO 9001 certificate. If certificate copy is provided by you we will verify with certification body and accreditation body. The number one thing to look for is an accreditation mark from the registrar / auditing organization. Only accredited Certification Bodies can register details of certified companies they have certified against ISO International Standards. In general, a third-party certification body or registrar should conduct an audit of the processes and procedures to determine if all of the ISO standards are being met. Footer Navigation. MANAGEMENT SYSTEM CERTIFICATIONS. The search result displays the company name, site and standard. 2. Contact your local office. ISOfocus magazine; Events; Media kit; Archive; Taking part. Fees: Our fees for verification service is Only USD 100/-  [INR 5000/-] Payment method: You can make payment by swift [international], net banking or direct cheque deposit  [India] in any of the account given on Payment Methods Developing standards; Research; Capacity building; Education about standards; Structure; Members . If the company is not included in the list and you wish to verify the certificate status. The ISO Register's primary objective is to provide a unique and comprehensive FREE OF CHARGE service for all users to search and confirm ISO Certifications achieved by companies throughout the world. ISO Certification Process; Appeals; Complaints; FAQ; Fake Certificates; OUR GALLERY. Technical Committees; Other bodies; Organizations in cooperation; Delivera Member news; Announcements; News. The SAI Global register allows you to search and verify products and organizations that have achieved certification with SAI Global. About Us . View More. However, not anyone can provide an accredited ISO 9001 certification. Who develops standards. Because we keep the entire process hassle-free, ISO Certification can take just 2 to 6 weeks to complete based on your company’s size. What we do.

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