Can you summon people in New Londo Ruins? If you want Raw or Quality, the Broadsword is the new top dog. Make a luck build with a Hollow infusion. It's either Raw or no Infusion, everything else sucks. Backstabing Havel the rock for his ring with this weapon was awesome. Astora is extremely strong Raw, can reach upwards of 300+ damage with that infusion. If youre running a dex build consider using the uchigatana (unless weight is an issue since its at 6 units) or the falchion (2.5 units I believe) or some sort of spear. That's pretty much the breakpoint. Pretty sure a maxed divine or occult longsword would be better, so no. I' Hope that was not a invaluable weapon, because I have still to choose my build and I was to pondering a faith build. The Astora Straight Sword is a straight sword Weapon in Dark Souls 3. But, if you're running a low stamina caster, it's still a great sidearm due to the low Stamina usage. It used to be too good and now it has meaningless stat requirements. Just use the Astoras Greatsword that weapon is incredible, You only get about 1-2 extra swings than the longsword, but with less stamina consumption, that little bit of stamina can save your life. Anonymous. There are a couple of talismans that require a litte more. Astora Straight Sword [DKS3 Wiki] Comments posted to our Dark Souls 3 Wiki 14 . Like ffs, if it was just a longsword copy i would be happy. Thanks fromsoft. The issue isn't so much with the Astora's sword, but the Drake sword. ಠ_ಠ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Latest Update Fixes Levitating Dogs, Falling Crows and More, Demon’s Souls Builds: Blue Sentinel (PvE Co Op), Demon’s Souls First Patch for PS5 Fixes Stability Issues, Fallout 76 Brotherhood of Steel Update Releases Earlier Than Expected. I just want them for the fashion souls. -ShadowScytheX. This use to be my favorite sword, so I wanted to see how viable it still is. Best when Hollow infused. Backstabing Havel the rock for his ring with this weapon was awesome. An Indian sword, the Khanda, was famously straight, as was the Turkish Y’tanga. 9 out of 10 cannibals agree, a muffin isn't a muffin without the tangy zip of Dave. Irithyl might get around 400 AR with the right stats but I dunno. It's a Trap! I love faith boissss!!!!! For I am the Lord of Gifs, and I am here to bring the dankest of memes the internet has to offer! Right now I have ditched the drake sword for the Uchigatana (sitting at +3) and it scales nicely with Dex. © Valve Corporation. first time player need help on populating the sorcery slot. Reason for why Gwyn is a villain. If youre running a pyro dex build then the astora straight sword is not for you man. Here some tests. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Having enough faith for that put a lot of skeletons down in a hurry. The Ashen Knight by Amord is a versatile one that needs a Broadsword +10 or a Sunlight Straight Sword +5, and a Black Bow of Pharis +10. Now no infusion works well on it compared to the other Straight Swords. You may call me Giflon, human. i mean it probably has one of the biggest damage among all straight swords, and yet people just rather using lothric knight sword :/, lothric has longer range, better scaling, better moveset, higher critical multiplier, infuses better, etc. The issue isn't so much with the Astora's sword, but the Drake sword. It has a good morning e set and is a fine weapon for early game, but any other raw straight sword will carry further at base requirements. can anyone explain why i dont see anyone use this even though it has this massive damage and yet still can be buffed and infused??? At 60 luck and base requirements gets 1 point of AR difference from Anri's SS and can be buffed, Actually anry's SS is blessed (heal and perma-kill undead) and astora SS require a bit less stam, difference is there. Several I doubt it I will use that need a bunch more (24 for Darkmoon), agree hghwolf...realised I was not learning any of the attack patterns of the enemies or developing my playing skill as the drake sword just one shot's most of the enemies in Undead Burg and Darkroot basin. It used to be great, but too many people slapped a Raw infusion on it and used it at the High Wall so FromSoft/Bandai nerfed it so hard it literally has better damage uninfused than Raw. Does this thing think im a bot!?!?!!??! My route wasn't the best so Astoras was useful. You need more than faith for the sword, since it will have other stats for scaling, but I recommend the above article so you build your character properly for the late game. I really wish fromsoft had finally made a half decent astora straight sword, but no, i cant have my astora knight cosplay because miyazaki decided "lets just make this weapon objectively***** in every game". Those stabs make a huge difference, giving the LKS a reach advantage and zoning ability that other longswords simply do not have. Get yourself an occult long sword if you want the one hand sword route. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). I want to know which one is better for a quality build... Also, I wanted to know if those 2 weapons are viable for PVP. The twinkling titanites are not rare at all, you can trade the moss to snuggly in exchange for one and moss are easy to farm. Is it worth leveling up faith to use this sword, I am guessing probably not as the param bonus for it C for strengh and Dexterity but its the only divine weapon I have at my disposal at the moment. Deals a lot more damage than the rest of the normally buffable weapons and looks hell of a lot better while doing it. The Drake Sword and you. If you're pumping STR, it's always a few AR behind the Long Sword. how did it get nerfed so bad? I went into the catacombs early, trying to get to Vamos for fire weapons. Surprisingly, it does better with no Infusion then Heavy/Sharp/Refined. Wed Dec 11, 2019 7:31 am. This weapon has the worst damage when compared to the LKS, LS, and BS. overall not a trash weapon, not great though. I missed him the first time around when playing on the PS3 a year or so ago. I mean other swords are arguably better but the hollow infusion is often overlooked if the weapon doesn't come with bleed or poison. The *** has the generic Longsword moveset, but the LKS's R2s attacks are different in both single and two-handed modes; all of the LKS's R2s are thrusting attacks, whereas only the first R2 for one-handed Longsword/*** is a stab. Great reach, great scaling and a solid move set. this thing is a straight sword that can be infused and buffed and deal more base damage than the wolf knight greatsword and the stormruler which are greatswords, and yet people underrate it so much, i wish i would see more people using this... damn, Is it just me or a I so blind that i did not find it in NG, Ng+ and NG++, and Ng+++ until NG++++. While I'm doing okay with it, I'm really just not sure if it's worth the extra titanite. It's a Trap! This one isn't good for a faith build Use the lothric sword, and when it gets possible, infuse it with the lighning gem. I'm at the Church of Yorksha, and my straight swords uninfused, since that seems to be doing the most damage. As you've surely found out, Astora's Straight Sword is a great early-game weapon. For people who wonder if this sword shine anywhere or if it's just worse version of others straight swords. "He has tentacles. Irithyll Straight Sword can't be infused at all, meaning it can't take the Refined infusion. What's your favourite Fashion Souls load out? The Drake Sword and you. Irithyll Straight Sword or Astora's Straight Sword, Click Here to see the Ultimate Magic Guide for Dark Souls 3, Click here to see a list of equipment for the Diablo 3 Necromancer, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Latest Update Fixes Levitating Dogs, Falling Crows and More, Demon’s Souls Builds: Blue Sentinel (PvE Co Op), Demon’s Souls First Patch for PS5 Fixes Stability Issues, Fallout 76 Brotherhood of Steel Update Releases Earlier Than Expected. Without exploits or farming you can get 20+ twinkling titanites per run. The Astora Sword is only good at the Raw infusion, and anything else it's terrible with. At +4, 20/20 is the breakpoint to get rid of Raw. Its not as powerful as the drake sword yet but I don't want to become overly reliant on the drake sword. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Running a strength/faith, and I'm keeping the astora straight sword as an offhand weapon. I ham unhappy! The astora sword scales of faith (enough to be a great starting weapon but in the long run nothing special). Astora's Straight sword is really not very good past early in the game, but you may as well upgrade it until you get something better, it's not that expensive to do and like I said twinklings are easy to get and you don't need them for very many things. I now see why many dont advocate using the can add my voice to that chorus too, eh, I think that Astora's is useful early game on a cleric (as in you start with the master key then run to the valley through new londo and pick it up right when you get to firelink), but as soon as you can make a divine weapon it quickly gets outclassed. this weapon is only decent at very low stats with raw infusion but then again broadsword/longsword deals more damage, "infuses better" and "better scaling" is the same thing, and if by "better moveset" you mean weapon art, then thanks but no, weapon arts are just a big waste of FP that you could use for way more effective spells that would do WAY more damage, so basically lothric straight sword only has slightly longer range, slightly higher critical and noticeable better scaling for SOME kinds of infusions, and it DOESN'T has better moveset, its literally the same moveset with a slightly better weapon art that is just a big waste of FP since we don't use straight swords for its weapon arts, we use straight swords for its R1, there are way better weapons to waste your FP with their weapon arts, which AT LEAST are not that much of a waste, just a little waste (though it still could be used for greatly more effective spells while astora greatsword has way higher base damage that is even higher than a battle axe and a few greatswords, and it even has better scaling than lothric straight sword in some kinds of infusions.

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