Some game versions allow for cooperative gaming over the internet or have an option for double-play with a single controller (for players that rise to the challenge of controlling both ships solo). * The Turrets will attract Energy Releases before the main Body of the Ajisashi. Unwilling to live with regret, he renewed his pledge to defeat Hourai, so the village elders entrusted him with a technological marvel built by former engineering genius Amanai along with the elder Kazamori: an aircraft capable of switching polarity and absorbing bullets, which was given the village’s name, Ikaruga. 'Satellite' type enemies that are found in fixed locations and do not move or rotate. Fully playable. Refusing to call it quits, Shinra built a makeshift aircraft that he named Shirasagi and took off on a lone sortie against Hourai’s forces. In this case, the battle will clearly end in just a few seconds, thanks to the ability of launching multiple full releases one after the other that is unique to this game mode. A resistance group known as the ‘Tenkaku’ attempted to fight back, but lost battle after battle until only one member survived, the strong-willed Shinra [Player 1]. At each additional chain worth 25600 points, a robotic voice can be heard uttering either, Boss time bonus: during boss battles there’s a timer which goes down as time passes (starting from 100 seconds for main bosses) and stops when the boss is defeated - each remaining second is worth ten thousands points, therefore speedkilling is rewarded. Each game mode can be played on three difficulty levels, which differ in this way: Also, in prototype mode the player starts each chapter with a varying supply of ammos depending on the difficulty: 500 on easy, 300 on normal, 100 on hard. The same basic strategies can still be applied, but it can surprise players more familiar with other versions. As for the player's ships, ‘ikaruga’ - or generally, just ‘ikaru’ (イカル) - refers to the japanese grosbeak (a flock of which can be seen flying around during the game's end credits), while 'ginkei' (ギンケイ) is a species of pheasant. It's that time! On some sections, speedkilling specific sets of enemies can make for additional enemies spawning, which potentially allows for more chains. Major slowdown during big explosions. Man body: "Don’t worry... for sure, the day will come when we [humans] understand each other" In general, Ikaruga is considered to be a very methodical shooting game. One laser inflicts as much damage as five single shots. These named enemies are listed below, in order of appearance: Round enemies that appear in abundance in all stages. Here’s some insights on the logic behind the lasers’ behaviour: While this is likely to be just a partial description of the logic behind energy releases, it must be noted that the lasers’ behaviour is always deterministically based on the type and position of the enemies relative to the player’s ship at the time of their release - there are no random elements to it, therefore once found out that a release can be used to chain some enemies in a given section, its behaviour will stay consistent if the conditions are replicated closely enough. Open Issues The graph below charts the compatibility with Ikaruga since Dolphin's 2.0 release, listing revisions only where a compatibility change occurred. Except for easy difficulty (see below), basic bullet-eating skills are generally enough to avert running out of ammos; in fact, it is quite common to get to the stage bosses with substantial reserves. Very small enemies that often appear in large groups. Ikaruga enjoyed critical and commercial success for the genre’s standards and over the years has been ported to several home consoles (Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo GameCube and Switch, Xbox Live Arcade, Sony PlayStation 4) and online platforms (NESiCAxLive and Steam), with varying feature sets and fidelity to the original version (see the version differences section). Shinra was recovered from the wreckage and nursed back to health.

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