If the invader is killed deduct motes relative to his success against the other side - meaning 0 kills has max penalty. Put all the advice into practice and managed to get 3/5 done in 5 matches. That’s right — no more best-of-three, hoping to make a big comeback. Dress for your role. A direct hit won't kill right away but the burn will knock us dead. If you use this against us you can limit our impact. Cancel I'm a really bad pvp player, but when I had to kill invaders to get malfeasance, I learned a lot and got pretty good at it. The longer we chase one mouse, the longer the other 3 get to live. When the enemy team has an invade ready, combine four bullets into one with the sniper rifle and then seek out the invader. I wouldn't be surprised if it's something like this. Get good enough at knowing those spots, or have a team in voice chat, and within ten seconds someone knows where he is and he's dead. (Then some ranting about how I suck at PvP and this make a me hate Gambit). Those other 3 can use a variety of tactics to combat us. TLDR; Is there a way to locate where invaders are likely to be spawning so I can play defensively so as not to get sniped straight off the bat when an invader spawns in? If you've got more motes, you're a prime target. © Valve Corporation. 3 of em shooting from a direction we aren't looking. From there, I used jotunn and a tracking/cluster rocket launcher, with a long-range primary, or my chaos reach if it was up (cancelling it after the kill so I could get it back quickly). Also. A Guide To Countering Invaders In Gambit / Gambit Prime. Power weapon vs hand cannon, I know where my money is. With the Ocarina of Time gladly sitting as his favorite game of all time, Anthony is a sucker for any game that has players wielding a fabled sword, but can still appreciate everything from a solid sports title to a game with a deep multiplayer experience. Might I suggest Malfeasance for going against Invaders? find a hand cannon you like (I got my better Devils out as it was my go to pre Forsaken, but I did get a very nice Trust to drop in gambit and replaced it - HIGHLY recommend this gun, it has a high rate of fire, long range and great stability!). I think the real issue is the Sentry role needing a buff... either something like reduced damage/flinch from invader weapons, or some sort of tipoff to invader spawn location (not wall hacks, but more along the lines of "they spawned in this 3rd of the map"). You will die, and we will trample your corpse on our way to the next mouse. Another popular choice is the Izanagi’s Burden exotic sniper rifle, with the Honed Edge perk active. If you're fighting adds and they invade, it is typically the opposite side they'll spawn from and most invaders will path around the outside rather than head into the centre where the bank is. Maybe the should try taking the radar off, but counteract that by taking the timer off. Someone's something ended somewhere and someone had to take a shit on a carpet. as soon as you get in a new room for cube, find toland run to that plate and find the snipers and immediately xeno. Perhaps it’s a sign of things to come in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep. Your role as a moderator enables you immediately ban this user from messaging (bypassing the report queue) if you select a punishment. This quest step is just horrible and I'm sure I will get told to "git gud" and to stop wining it I have spent hours playing Gambit and so far not one kill to show for it. A headshot will still take our ass out. I need to try something different, with think my controller can take much more lol. Something else that has help has been not caring about getting the kills and just playing Gambit.

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