Top Decks. The opponent's hand is faded slightly during the mulligan, but it is still possible to observe their actions to a limited degree: A card back will highlight when the opponent hovers over the corresponding card, just as during the main game, but only if the opponent has not yet redrawn their cards. Secret Passage and Dirty Tricks. Backstab is debatable, depends on your opponent's class. Slam is generically useful removal that also draws us a card. Our hand also has a reasonable curve of Argent Squire, Unbound Elemental, and Defender of Argus. Quick Mulligan Guide: Always keep polkelt. We also need the Sunfury Protector to Taunt the Ancient Watcher. Let’s see what we got. finally i reach legend,My experience with rogue  help a lot and there are not easy win.DH is tough i win without draw ooze or shadoweaver but with underbelly and always presence in boardThe most interactions was against DH,hunter and paladin.The worst it seem to be paladin 3-4 against him.Winrate overall 62% with 29-18 and i didnt played only this deck but this deck got me to legend.Flik is one of the key card of this deck . Hearthstone Database, Deck Builder, News, and more! When playing a control deck, it’s often more important to mulligan for answers or powerful cards geared toward winning the specific match-up you’re in than it is to mulligan for a strong early curve. you can maintain pressure going into the mid game. by [DKMR]Varranis - 7 years ago     show comments. Early pressure is key. Their combination is so powerful that we feel we’d be amiss to mulligan either against nearly any deck. Arcane Shot is very powerful against Warlock Aggro as it is a simple, one card answer to troublesome minions such as Knife Juggler. Therefore, to avoid revealing any information to the opponent, sometimes players would engage in mulligan "standoffs" where both waited until the last possible moment to confirm their mulligans. we would save the Coin either to use the combo on turn 3 (if it makes sense) or to power a future turn. A player may do this any number of times, drawing one less card each time. To win games, the deck has no direct win condition, and instead focuses on You can also find some general strategy advice and a breakdown of the deck’s key combos, but we will continue to add more over time. If you are playing a Zoo Warlock deck (that runs a lot of low-cost minions, looking to end games quickly), your mulligan strategy against a Druid opponent might vary based on whether you think they’re playing an Aggro Druid or a late game Druid style. Introduction to ETC OTK Control Warrior. We will likely be passing our first turn, using Wrath or our Hero Power on turn 2, and using our Hero Power or playing Ancient Watcher on turn 3. Wand Thief. I’ll be uploading more guides throughout the upcoming weeks and posting gameplay commentary to my youtube everyday. game to match your opponent. We chose to keep one Ancient Watcher since we can play it early and it’s very strong against Warlock Aggro if we draw a Sunfury Protector or Keeper of the Grove. Our combo should provide enough cards to fuel our next several turns. playable Secret in your hand to play with it, however, the more Mana you have [1] If only one copy of the card is in the deck, it is impossible to draw it as a replacement. Hearthstone Database, Deck Builder, News, and more! Keeping a Libram of Hope with other libram reducing cards is something I recommend experimenting with and seeing how it works out for you. The list below is the most popular one I’ve seen. Shield Block will always give you five armor no matter when you play it. Up to date leaderboards, where you can find my name on:, Mulligan in the making... please be patient. First we’re going to discuss general tips when performing a mulligan and then look at specific examples using popular decks. If you've played Hearthstone, you already know that how many cards you are offered in your mulligan is determined by whether you’re going first or second. That being said, this hand is just about perfect, especially against a slower deck like Priest. We can now successfully navigate a game state that requires Taunt or Lightning Bolt. Replacement cards are selected from the top of the undrawn deck, and are thus the same cards that would have been drawn over the player's first few turns, prior to the reshuffle. Hearthstone Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. The animation of the opponent's redrawing was only shown if the opponent actually confirmed selection before the player did. Mortal Coil is very low impact against Priest, so we’ve chosen to replace it. Hunter: Aggressively mulligan for the general mulligan cards. Alura can also be a keep with a good enough hand on the coin.

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