The initial batch that I made I put a lot of ginger in (3″ of sediment in a 3 liter bottle) and had to dilute it into 2 bottles to get fermentation going, adjusting sugar and lemon juice back to original proportions. Well, Jeff, I’ve gone against all the proper procedures. Typically I’ve just been grating ginger and boiling that with sugar for 15+ minutes and then allowing that to cool down to a warm temperature before bottling and throwing a tsp of regular yeast on top (couldn’t get the red star here where I am overseas although i recently shipped some in). you can omit the jalapeno if you like but I like the spice it adds. As a woman that has been making ginger everything i can get my hands on i will surely be testing this out. Force carbonation is the only reliable way. I let off pressure after 24 hours and it made a nice pop – the yeast didn’t die! I left it sitting out for days releasing the pressure as needed. Mix all ingredients but the water until ginger is dissolved. it would probably be more in the range of 1000 or more granules. As the yeasts and bacteria in the ginger bug tea begin to digest the sugar, the by-product they generate is CO2. I made this tonight, and it is amazing! It must have turned pink because I mixed the ginger and lemon juice and left it sitting while the syrup was cooling down. Killer ginger beer. Next day, strain through couple layers of cloth. 1. 3rd batch just drunk and very pleased, went with some added extras, vanilla-lovely smooth evened out that burn and added amazing scent, gran marsala-spot on real interestin depth and flavors comi at u,allspice-not to much but didnit grind cinnamon-plesant but still lack alttile, i also use agave syrup instead of sugar and also cut down on lemon,top tips and lotsa fun here, any ways… wats is the clear differences between ginger ale and ginger beer, also any good rootbeer tips, im 0-3 at mo and cryin for root beer here in denmark cheers. This is perhaps a silly question, but where’s a good warm and dark place to store the bottles? 1 gallon mason jar Yeast will ferment faster (and produce more CO2) the warmer it is. It has a real nice ginger flavor, however, about 1/2″ inch of sentiment (not sure if that is normal?) This recipe is taken from Sandor Katz, in his book. So now many years after I have been wanting to make some. Next Post Up, Neat, Straight Up, or On the Rocks. Add enough cold water to the combined ginger concoctions to make 1 gallon--about 2 more quarts.The probiotic juice from the ginger bug, will inoculate the ginger tea with the beneficial bacteria and yeasts it will need to begin fermenting. But you’re using plastic bottles so you should be fine. Pour into bottles and let ferment 1-7 days until sufficiently bubbly. Aviation gin and cachaça are first on the list of liquors I want to pair with it. That way you have a better chance of even carbonation across all the bottles and avoiding some individual bottles not being carbonated. What to do with Pickle Juice and Uses for Leftover Brine, Jul of lemon juice, since that’s all I could make, and I dumped everything into a pot with some vanilla bean and a couple of star anise, and heated it up for a while. of baking yeast, a couple of tablespoons of grated ginger, and juice of half a lemon(or of a whole lime). If it eats something else it can produce a “bad” alcohol and can be dangerous (I don’t know if yeast eating ginger pulp is good or bad). It mentions right on the Reed’s bottle that cane sugar, pineapple juice, honey, lemon, lime, and ‘spices’ are involved. Thanks and keep up the great work mate. With Northern California weather, anywhere dark I can think of around the apartment is also cool by default. still any ideas on wat the real difference beween ginger ale and ginger beers is??? The first batch was a little too lemony, so I added a few more oz of simple syrup to the second batch – perfect! When I used to buy it 30 years ago, I had a favorite brand, but since it hasn’t been available for a long time, I forgot what brand it was. Instructions: Place water in a large pot over high heat. ), I havnt had english style since my grandfather made it when I was a kid, I begged for the recipe but was made to copy it out of a book by hand and never finished the monumental task. In the 1920s? I used flip top bottles, and not one explosion. Stainless steel is the best to use as a vessel (less off flavors will be absorbed by the solution). For the record, I was so excited with my results that I tried Alton Brown’s recipe — absolutely horrible compared to this recipe. The honey, on the other hand, was a nice addition. I’m getting ready to try this recipe tomorrow (Tues) so it will be ready for a Dark and Stormy party on Friday. Just wanted to thank you as I sit enjoying my first batch! The important variable for carbonation is sugar, not really the amount of yeast (at least for this small volume of fermentable sugars). I’ve been experimenting with the ginger/lemon ratio a lot. I’ve made a number of batches and its been great. Thanks again so much. I was especially careful not to over-sugar the recipe, so I assume it was the little guys making all the fizz! One person remarked that it tasted “like a gingersnap” while it inspired others to recant stories of their time in Belize. I find myself wishing Napoleon had conquered the US and introduced the metric system . This is an unfortunate coincidence. You may find you may need to add more sweetener or lime juice as your taste buds dictate. For a 1 gallon batch, grate 1 inch of ginger (peel and all) into a mason jar. Hope it turns out as great as what I’ve been reading here. Way too much gingerol, but still really tasty. As soon as I finish reading Papazian I’ll brave a more “free-style” approach.

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