And yep, never knew / noticed this about her and the music videos at all. At first glance, the gaggle of girls in the music video seem to be India’s answer to Sex and the City, where Riya Sen, in true Carrie Bradshaw fashion, tries on outfit after outfit, only to reach her moment of high glory clad in a towel. This subtle messaging may have been too ahead of its time to garner public attention. We Hope To Visit India In The Future: K-Pop Band BTS, Farmers' Protest LIVE: Entry, Exit Gates At 6 Delhi Metro Stations Closed On Green Line As Agitation Intensifies, IND vs AUS, 1st ODI: Security At SCG Comes Under Fire As Spectators Interrupt Play With ‘Stop Adani’ Protest, Farmers' Protest March: Delhi Police Issue Traffic Advisory For Commuters - Check Routes To Avoid, Indian Navy's MiG-29K Trainer Aircraft Crashes Into Arabian Sea; 1 Pilot Rescued, Another Missing, Cyclone Nivar Update: Cyclone Leaves Trail Of Destruction, HM Shah Assures Help To Tamil Nadu | 5 Points. Read to know the list Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. From 'Pari hoon me' to 'Wadghadi Warsi', here's a list of Falguni Pathak's popular Dandiya-Garba songs to play during Navratri 2020. The love triangle, however, is audacious and surprisingly tender. While I was too young and naive to understand the nuances of the spectrum of sexualities that exist, I found it quite refreshing that a popular singer “normalized” the idea of girls loving girls. This video offers a humdrum critique of the post-liberalisation era, where we learn that the materialistic world of malls and balls is all moh maya and that heterosexual pursuit is just an accidental, pesky and potentially life-threatening distraction from the real stuff of life (i.e. The star of the Navratri season, Falguni Pathak is back again with another romantic Navratri song perfect for this season. Her music is based on traditional musical forms from the Indian state of Gujarat. Thanks for giving me a new insight. And if her personal style was my first encounter with androgyny, her music videos were my initiation into non-normative sexuality. Over the course of the video, the girls and boys compete in a series of frivolous battles, ranging from semi-stationary bicycling to ultimate embroidery. Falguni Pathak is an Indian female singer, performing artist, and composer based in Mumbai. When I saw that first shot of Falguni, in her butch blue blazer, earnestly impersonating a cuckoo, I knew that life would never be the same again. The video begins like cliched fairytale, with an imprisoned heroine trapped in an impenetrable fortress controlled by a forbidding matriarch. We see that desire in Riya and co.’s hungry stares; we see it in the next-door neighbour’s impish appeals; but most of all we see it in Falguni herself, who receives and bestows attention with charming ease and somehow happens to be at all the right places at all the right times. Keep bringing us more content like this!! Navratri 2020 Song Of The Day: ‘Indhana Winva’ By Falguni Pathak Cannot Be Missed On Garba Night! Even though it is hard to understand why they insist on wearing their shoes on their wrists, it is only natural to feel completely heartbroken at their separation. This is so exciting to read!! The most scathing commentary on heteropatriarchy, however, is reserved for one of her lesser-known masterpieces, Saawan Mein which exposes heteronormativity for what it really is – a needlessly aggressive and essentially misogynist low-stakes contest, where the odds are always stacked against the non-male identifying. Ahead Of Navratri 2020, ‘Dandia Queen’ Falguni Pathak Is Back With A New Romantic Song In her new song, Falguni takes on the task of bringing young lovers together. You can manage them any time from your browser settings. © FII Media Private Limited | All rights reserved. Probably true for most of us. The article is an enquiry into how the male gaze has reformed itself to find a comfortable residence in 21st century’s camera or digital patriarchy. An Enquiry Into Internalised Male Gaze: Whose Camera Is It Anyway? We could now choose men from “Japan se leke Russia, Australia se leke America”. Podcast: I’m Sexting My partner, But Is The Cyber World Safe? Falguni’s generosity reaches its zenith in the outrageously campy Indhana Winva, where she mentors the girl next door into putting on a full-fledged drag show for the benefit of her unappreciative lover. We often conflate the lack of visibility for the south asian queer community with the non-existence of the community itself here, but knowing an icon like Falguni Pathak flourished in 90s India is a relieving and reinvigorating. Even though the male model in the video possesses all the essential 90s heartthrob qualities – such as a middle-parting, unsolicited advice and two shirts – he is ultimately irrelevant. Even though I heard enjoyed listening to all these songs of Falguni in the 90s and thought she looked and acted boyish I missed this completely. These are 20 Indian songs you need to listen to which will empower you and make you feel happy about being a woman. Also read: Understanding Queer Fan-Fiction As The Site For Healing. Just when we thought the nineties had shown us every facet of femininity, from the lusty to the masti, Falguni Pathak fizzed onto the scene like a refreshing sip of Camp(a) Cola. 20 Indian Songs That Are A Must For Your Feminist Playlist, Martha Farrell: The ‘Everyday Feminist’ | #IndianWomenInHistory, In Photos: When Thousands Marched Together To #StandWithJNU And Save Democracy, Big Boss 13: Another Season Of Misogyny, Violence And Toxic Masculinity. But in Meri Chunar Udd Udd Jaye, Falguni Pathak abandoned all ambiguity and gave us a queer love story for the ages, featuring a lovelorn Ayesha Takia, her estranged partner Falguni and their illustrious companion. Her motley crew of artists suffer a series of unwitting and willful mishaps, including overflowing paint, overflowing Pepsi and overflowing cotton. Falguni Pathak, in a brown blazer this time). The star-crossed lovers share a gentle, joyful relationship, full of laughter and avant-garde hand ballet. With her floppy boy-cut, boxy jackets and virtuous high pitch, Falguni Pathak was the queer icon we didn’t know we needed. TV Actor Shaheer Sheikh Marries Girlfriend Ruchikaa Kapoor, Couple Opts For Court Marriage Due To Covid Pandemic! The most scathing commentary on heteropatriarchy, however, is reserved for one of her lesser-known masterpieces, Saawan Mein which exposes heteronormativity for what it really is – a needlessly aggressive and essentially misogynist low-stakes contest, where the odds are always stacked against the non-male identifying. The real hero, we know, is already centrestage. But right when we fear that all is lost, Ayesha finds a new confidante who literally comes out (of a painting) to her, offering her a listening ear and a dancing hand. Also read: Film Review: Fire —On Queering Love And Beyond. But it soon becomes apparent that Riya’s sartorial zeal is not directed at any man, big or small. She serenades from a safe distance as the escalating idiocy culminates in the simultaneous shattering of several large and fragile matkas, whose metaphoric resemblance to the male ego may or may not be purely co-incidental. It is with the panache of those shattering matkas that Falguni Pathak breaks the fourth wall and descends from being our star to being our friend, in videos such as Maine Payal Hai Chhankayi, where Falguni, ever the puppet-master, choreographs an elaborate boy-meets-girl variety show, only to demonstrate its utter futility in everyday life.

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