You can dip the pen in water to create a watercolor effect. That way, you have more control over the brush tips. Also, kindly remember to go for those that will not cause hand fatigue. The brush tip is more on the medium-firm side, so it is easier to direct where I want it to go. Isn’t it annoying when the brush tips can’t stay intact? Some brush pens come with thick and permanent ink. Brush pens can be used directly on paper. If you are a newbie and you are just beginning to try calligraphy, these pens can be a great option to get used to doing the strokes before you start using the dip style pens. If you are left-handed, you will not have to worry about smearing wet ink all over the paper. Compare Products. The Royal Talens Ecoline Liquid Watercolor Brush Pen Set has all colors of the rainbow, a pink brush pen and a black brush pen. Make sure you clean the blending pen after using it. You also need them in your arsenal if you plan on doing a lot of calligraphy. This is one of the best brush pens for hand lettering and drawing because it offers two brush types. Just give yourself more time to adjust to the use of these pens. You just need to buy a bottle of ink. There are different types of brush pens for coloring and calligraphy when it comes to the materials used. This set comes with 24 different color options, just right if you are a beginner and you don’t really need to have a lot of transitional colors. Those can be hard to control for beginners. Despite how thin the barrel is, it actually holds a lot of ink. The set comes with a colorless blender. It’s a set that you will love to use over and over again even if you have more expensive markers in your arsenal. I like this for making thin lines. Store it in a case to prevent losing them. It should dispense uniform amounts of ink so that you won’t be left with big globs of ink or have to deal with faded lines and strokes. Also, they can be used for coloring on coloring books or creating letterings on cards. Once your skills advance, you can switch to synthetic or natural hair. You can also wipe the barrel clean with tissue paper soaked in a little bit of alcohol to remove ink residues. They stand out from the others with their vivid colors and easy to use brush tips. All 60 markers come in a barrel-style casing. Brush Pen Type. It comes with 18 pens with all the colors you might need for drawing. The Brush Pen is ready for immediate use, and is odourless as well. The tips are very useful because they are crisp and consistent. I have tried other brush pens but it is still a challenge for those brush tips to do these strokes. However, I do like that it sets quickly. The only caveat I see here is the low ink volume. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. What about thin ones? Finding the best brush pens doesn’t have to be difficult. These pens feature dual tips. Learn more. It’s very modern. There is no fading to deal with. They dry fast and are easy to dilute and blend, even re-wet, with water or the blender pen (sold separately). I still recommend getting this because of the vivid colors that you will get. I also like that it doesn’t bleed through. If you are not sure what kind of tip to use for your letterings, you can try practicing with these pens instead. These brush pens can last for years. I prefer something more solid. I suggest just misting the paper with water and that will do the trick. But for those just starting to build their calligraphy pen collection, this should be a good buy. Whether this involves artistic impressions, product design, illustrations, fashion design, calligraphy or children’s drawings, the brilliant colours of this liquid water colour paint bring every piece of art to life. You can choose from natural hair, felt and synthetic bristle. Overall, it’s a solid set. I did not have issues with broken lines because the ink comes out well. Even beginners will find this brush pen easy to use. These markers are available everywhere. Unlike dip style pens with a limited option for colors, these pens usually come with different color options. Some brush pens come with thick and permanent ink. Some people like spraying the paper with some mist and then applying the brush pen directly on the paper. I would say practice will make these brush pens easier to use. However, it is inexpensive and it seems to have a large ink volume. However, if you are transitioning from thin strokes and then going to thick strokes, it can be more difficult. It can be a good alternative to watercolors. You need a more flexible tip by then. What I like about this is its smooth ink. What I appreciate the most from this brand is the brush tip. I do not have to worry about smearing wet ink all over the paper. Additionally, it’s also pricier than other brush pens out there. They are made from synthetic materials. Beginners can start by printing some guides. It will help you figure out what kind of tip firmness is better for you. They are all vivid and saturated. If you are looking for more options, get the set with more pens included. This set comes with 6 pens and it offers 4 different brush sizes. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. As a beginner, I find these brushes for hand lettering very easy to use. Try different brands because you never know what really works for you if you don’t give them a try. They are worth the price. What are the Most Trusted Brush Pen Brands? On the other hand, the ink tends to oxidize and fade after some time. If you need to use a black ink but don’t want it to get washed down, you should use this first. If I dip it in water, it dilutes the color a little bit but doesn’t take away its vividness. There are also no gaps. Once you have gotten used to calligraphy strokes, you can move on to the soft tip. The ink is also non-acidic, so it stays vibrant for a long time. Rather than use a separate brush and watercolor palette, go for a brush pen instead. It might also occasionally need to be shaken if you find the ink flow somewhat obstructed. However, I do find that with the brush tips, they tend to fray, especially if you use them often on coarse paper.

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