However, during a battle, one of Alex's binding glyphs (which keeps Eclipso in control) is broken via a shoulder wound. Montez covers his body in tribal tattoos he claims he had learned about on Diablo Island. During the fight Slade Wilson is briefly possessed by Eclipso. And yes, prove that it is one of the 'most powerful forces in DC'. A prominent method of attack he uses is to continuously trigger his transformations in close proximity to Superman, resulting in the lightning striking Eclipso. After the Atom and Starman break Eclipso's link to his brainwashed slaves, the combined heroes attack Eclipso together, defeating him. In a Biblical context, Eclipso was responsible for Noah's Flood, while the Spectre was the Angel of Death who slew the first-born Egyptian children. Despite his power, he is still bound by the divine laws of the Presence and is subject to even greater punishment from the Presence himself if these bounds are crossed. Eclipso subsequently kidnaps the Shade, Acrata, Nightshade, Shadow Thief, a French supervillainess named Bette Noir and a Canadian superhero named Dark Crow, all of whom possess shadow-based abilities. Eclipso attacked them with a Parador missile which they evaded using Nightshade's teleportation ability. He later escapes and Eclipso is tricked into possessing Superman and Superboy, which leaves Gordon to be taken into custody and the black diamond is destroyed. Thanks to Superman's weakness to magic, Captain Marvel is able to do a significant amount of damage to Eclipso. With the Justice League outnumbered, Eclipso then reveals his ultimate goal is to somehow kill God. A magical being of incalculable strength, Eclipso has demonstrated the powers of flight, immortality, invulnerability, super speed and stamina, advanced intellect, and the ability to emit deadly rays of dark light from his left eye and a powerful burst of paralyzing black light from his right eye by looking through a shard of the Heart of Darkness gem. You kidding me? Using the Heart of Darkness, Maxwell Lord 'succeeds' in bringing 'peace' across America but it quickly degenerates into mass hysteria as the crystal corrupts those around him. [21], Eclipso is subsequently revealed to be an inhabitant of Gemworld with the powers of House Onyx and House Diamond and was once Kalaa of the planet Gilaa. Ragman tried to consume her, she burned out his suit. After brainwashing his captives and bringing them under his mental control, Eclipso travels to an extradimensional plane, where he frees a demonic entity known as Sythunu, who agrees to serve Eclipso. This story was significant as it meant that Eclipso no longer had a limitless number of black diamonds waiting out in the world for him to utilize. Before plunging to his death off a cliff, Mophir wounded Gordon with a black diamond. [1] The character is the incarnation of the Wrath of God and the Angel of Vengeance that turned evil and was replaced by the Spectre.[2]. Bruce Gordon and Mona Bennet led the Earth's superheroes in an attack on Parador, in an attempt to destroy Eclipso once and for all. @van_cere: Defating Spectre, in any form, is a high feat, from what I've read, Eclipso used the power of the starheart to stop the connection between the Presence and The Spectre, and then, killing him. In the Countdown to Mystery series, Eclipso puts a new plan into motion, corrupting the heroes Plastic Man, Creeper, and Dove, and at the same time tasking a group of magi to recover and recombine the pieces of the Heart of Darkness. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. If Gordon had achieved his goal of making solar energy the planet's primary energy source, any solar-powered device could be used as a weapon against Eclipso. She has most recently been seen in Blue Beetle #16, searching for a new host. [32], In Justice League 3001, Terry Magnus is brought to Lady Styx who transforms the former into her new servant, Eclipso. Dibny, realizing that this meant punishing Jean Loring, his wife's murderer, and temporarily granted the power of the Spectre, takes Eclipso back to the point at which she (as Jean Loring) murdered his wife and, restoring Jean's sanity, ruthlessly intends to trap her in a permanent time loop and force her to watch herself murder Sue Dibny over and over for all eternity. Using Gordon's rage, Eclipso from inside the gem manipulated him into cutting himself with the gem so he can possess him. Eclipso (/ɪˈklɪpsoʊ/) is a fictional supervillain in the DC Comics Universe. It was revealed in Countdown To Mystery that all of Eclipso's black diamonds were mined on Apokolips millennia ago and that Eclipso was created by Darkseid. With his hold weakened, Eclipso attempts to escape by drawing on Killer Frost's darkest desire, but since all she truly wants deep down is to make a difference, she is able to throw Eclipso off, leaving him trapped in the diamond once again while Lord is imprisoned. [19] With the help of Essence the other heroes manage to trap him again in the black diamond, which is then sent to somewhere safe. Eclipse will appear as a series regular in Stargirl Season 2, portrayed by Nick Tarabay, the actor who portrayed Digger Harkness in CW's Arrow. Thanos can only dream about doing that. [33] Eclipso and his Legion of Death find Paradise Island and attack the Justice League. When Lar Gand discovered Eclipso's palace on the moon and wandered inside, it inspired Eclipso to possess all of Earth's heroes and use them towards his ultimate goal, the conquest of Earth and revenge against God for imprisoning him inside the Heart of Darkness. These tanks were attacking the sole surviving member of the Shadow Fighter attack force, Nemesis. He can physically shift his main hosts body into his true, more powerful, physical form. She even manages to take control of Blue Beetle and grants him his "supreme desire of power", intending to use the corrupted Beetle to kill the defenders of the baby. In Week Twenty-Seven of 52, Ralph Dibny, on a quest to restore his wife Sue to life and guided by the helmet of Doctor Fate, approaches the Spectre and promises to fulfill any bargain that the Spectre demands in order to restore his wife to life. Manipulatively, Eclipso reminds that with Jonah's death, Gordon must be there to comfort her, and soon, Gordon is convinced. Eclipso's character laments the power he once had as a spirit of divine vengeance. You should read more and say less. With his small team ready, Eclipso travels to the Emerald City that Alan Scott established on the moon, stating that he now wishes to capture Jade. it also says there that he created Eclipso. His physical body, the adult child of Bennet and Gordon, evaporated in front of his parents. [13] After taking over Jade, Eclipso defeats and possesses the Justice League's reserve roster (consisting of Cyborg, Doctor Light, Red Tornado, Animal Man, Tasmanian Devil, and Bulleteer), and then badly injures the angel Zauriel. Any bright flash of light would banish Eclipso back into Bruce Gordon's body or reverse the change. In the Elseworlds story JLA: The Nail, a restrained Bruce Gordon/Eclipso makes an appearance in Professor Hamilton's Cadmus Labs. He was no longer limited to possessing Gordon during an eclipse, but pretended otherwise so that Gordon would not know the truth about the black diamonds.[3]. Alex commits suicide in order to prevent Eclipso from controlling him further. Series writer John Ostrander chose to portray this as a distinction between the Spectre's pursuit of "vengeance" and Eclipso's pursuit of "revenge". The Eclipso monster is then defeated by the heroes and Hank Henshaw with the remains taken into space by Green Lantern. @van_cere: What? Eclipso's soul had originally been bound inside a giant black diamond called the "Heart of Darkness" in Africa. @kazuma_bushi: Wasn't Eclipso able to kill The Spectre only after he had the Spear of Destiny? [26], In DC Rebirth event Justice League vs. Eclipso vs Thanos Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links. [16] However, it is ultimately revealed that Donna's death was an illusion conjured by Saint Walker, who used his blue power ring to temporarily trap Eclipso in a state of euphoria. All Alex had to do was capture one of them, make them say 'Shazam' and they would summon their lightning bolt to power his machine. In the episode "Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E." The Spectre arrives on the moon, where Eclipso ambushes and kills him, absorbing the Spectre's powers upon his demise. [9] At this point, the wizard Shazam steps in by sending Captain Marvel to fight the possessed Eclipso-Superman. Eclipso also manipulates and convinces Gordon not to throw away the gem using Mona as an excuse. Dibny, affected by her pleas, his sense of compassion and his own feelings on watching his wife's death, finds himself incapable of such ruthlessness and refuses to complete his pact with the Spectre, returning Eclipso to her orbit around the sun. Eclipso possesses vast magical powers that allow him to perform such godlike feats as manipulation of the weather and seas to cause natural disasters (floods, thunderstorms, etc. While in the jungle to view a solar eclipse, Gordon was attacked by a tribal sorcerer named Mophir.

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