“MultEQ® XT32”, “Dynamic EQ”, “Reference Level Offset”, “Dynamic Volume”, “Audyssey LFC™” and “Containment Amount” settings are stored for each input source. 2.) I go into setup, audio , Audyssey and toggle there flat vs reference. Amazing how fixing the phase through correction made the sub disappear. Denon X3600H Audyssey flat vs reference, FS: JM Lab 816 Cobalt Floorstanding Speakers, Step down transformer for Japan HiFi equipment, Device supporting Tidal MQA, Atmos and Connect. I generally prefer Audyssey Flat, as well. It's not needed at 0 dB because you are already at reference level. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I've only recently delved into the world of home theaters, hifi, etc. × 2.) You can post now and register later. At that level you can hear the mix at the same level the mixers heard it. I just got a used Denon with XT, ran it, and thought it came back very muted on the high end. or l/r bypass vs pure for music? Started 3 hours ago, By If you are not concerned about things getting too loud or too soft then you could try turning it off and just listening with Dynamic EQ on. Denon X3600H Audyssey flat vs reference « on: May 12, 2020, 17:41 » I posted this on avsforum, hopping I'll have more luck here. Trade Count: Jr. Reference vs Flat for movies? Dynamic EQ Reference Level Offset provides three offsets from the film level reference (5 dB, 10 dB, and 15 dB) that can be selected when the mix level of the content is not within the standard. It makes adjustments to maintain the reference response and surround envelopment when the volume is turned down from 0 dB. But, up sampling 44.1 to 48 or higher there is no more issue. More posts from the hometheater community. Selects the default calibrated setting with a slight roll off at high frequencies, which is optimized for movies. Low listening levels for everyday TV, PL II mode with Audyssey 'Normal', +3.5db on the surrounds … Then can you disable DEQ and go to 2Ch playback settings in the AVR, try to use “manual” and play with the crossover and see if there is any change playing 44.1, 96 and/or 192. Selects the calibrated setting which is optimized for small rooms where your listening position is closer to the speakers. Or is there no definite reference for concert footage like there isn't for music cd's? Thanks Garyc. Turn it down by 10 dB.   Your previous content has been restored. In AVRs that don't have the Dynamic EQ Reference Level Offset feature, you can achieve the same thing by turning down the digital input trim for that source. This can be set when “Audyssey LFC™” in the menu is set to “On”. No way, this is software. 15 dB: Select this setting for pop/rock music or other program material that is mixed at very high listening levels and has a compressed dynamic range. Anything at 44.1Khz audyssey "flat" is touching bass response. I'm honestly shocked how much improved the sound is overall. The knock on it is the remote sucks, but I picked it up and got everything setup without a hitch. I have read some literature and also hear people referring to SMPTE spec.   Your link has been automatically embedded. How is this done for dvd music concerts and dvd-a discs? If I then using JRiver DSP, resample to 48Khz ,96Khz or even 192Khz and play the same music, flat vs reference, It does not change my bass response anymore, only highs as advertised but at 44.1Khz, flat is affecting bass also. I tested the Moby song 44.1khz  just now using Tidal to Marantz 6013 via the Heos app; toggling between Flat and Reference did not change my perception of bass output. Most adjustment to softest and loudest sounds. (If the answer is "no", I will just take your word for it.). The Audyssey Reference and Audyssey Flat curves are identical in the low frequency range. When the sound mode is in the “Direct” or “Pure Direct” mode, “MultEQ® XT32”, “Dynamic EQ”, “Dynamic Volume” and “Audyssey LFC™” settings cannot be configured. StereoNET (Asia) is part of an international network of publications owned wholly by Sound Media Group. I just got a used Denon with XT, ran it, and thought it came back very muted on the high end. during a movie). and currently have my first 5.1 system through a Denon AVR-S640H. After a lot of research and playing around with settings, I'm STILL confused about what Audyssey settings to use. I dont understand how it happens that music which is typically mixed at higher listening levels should be reduced by 15bB in the processor and the TV should  be reduced by 10dB when it is mixed at lower listening levels as compared to film standard. The most preferred house curve is both smooth (Audyssey should help tremendously with that). petetherock - Page 191 - AVS Forum. It is simply telling Dynamic EQ that the reference level is higher than that of film (by 5, 10, or 15 dB depending on the choice you make) and so Dynamic EQ applies less compensation than it would for film content. For additional information on Audyssey technology, please see Explanation of termslink. I'll give it a go. Copyright © 2018 D&M Holdings Inc. All Rights Reserved. Audyssey, reference vs flat, should NOT change bass response, correct? is it a replacement for "Night mode" or it has some other purpose? The purpose of level setting is to make them all play at the same level as each other. Daviesho But i read here (link http://ask.audyssey.com/entries/73283-dynamic-eq-and-reference-level ) JavaScript is disabled. The Dynamic EQ reference offset is not reducing the level of the content. I have to admit at reference it's at a comfotable level don't get me wrong it's loud but a detailed loud no distortion.

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