<> Historical Advertising Video competition entries, The amount of heating load the unit is trying to deliver. 12 0 obj The defrost thermostat, a bi-metallic switch, controls the temperature rise in the freezer compartment during the defrost cycle. endobj endobj 10 0 obj In high-end appliances, the wires may be secured with screws. Attach the test probes to the terminals on the thermostat. If the unit has operated like this since it was first installed (first cold snap), you may be operating it incorrectly or it may be undersized for the space it is trying to heat. To remove the plates, remove the screws or release the clips with a small screwdriver. <> <> Some of these include: There are timers built in to the computer control of the unit that restrict how often defrosting can occur. A sensor detects the formation of ice, triggers a switch which turns off the compressor and the evaporator is no longer cooled. 9 0 obj endobj The preset temperature is stamped on the thermostat. 1 0 obj This action is not triggered by the frost itself, but rather by the freezer temperature. Ultimately permanent fixes such as installing insulation in ceilings, walls and under floors will help reduce your heating requirement (and ultimately save you money). "�IiG9��g�t]������V����?ngv�n����������} 1��+�. <> Known as auto-defrost or self-defrosting, this feature is essential for controlling the frost inside refrigerators and freezers. Once my unit is defrosting how long will it take? During winter months many heat pumps will need to go through a “defrost” cycle during operation. The sensor is installed and calibrated for the currently installed evaporator. His work has appeared in “Family Handyman” magazine, “Popular Science,” "Popular Mechanics," “Handy” and other publications. They can assist you to ensure correct operation, and correct sizing. endobj <> If the unit is undersized for the space it is not faulty. The defrost cycle ends when the temperature sensor at the outdoor coil senses the temperature of the coil at about 75 ° F or when the circuit board's timer overrides the sensor. <>>> Sitemap. In extreme cases this can also cause damage to the outdoor unit. In the latter case, remove the screws by turning them counterclockwise. Why does my unit have to do a defrost cycle? The responsibility for correctly sizing the unit initially rests with the installing company – they will need to remedy the situation if the unit is too small. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. stream Check to be sure the thermostat is opening at the correct temperature by placing it in water and slowly heating the water. Privacy Policy << Most modern-day refrigerators have a built-in mechanism that automatically removes frost from the evaporator. During winter months many heat pumps will need to go through a “defrost” cycle during operation. Inside you will notice the unit will stop heating, the indoor fan will stop and depending on the model there will usually be some form of visual indication like a light on the unit (usually the “run” light) will blink continuously. Set the function selector switch on the digital multimeter to its R x 1 scale. The duration of the heat cycle is controlled by the timer. Often this has not been explained well before installation, which leads to a lot of confusion about why the heat pump is not working. ������P�h�K�����O�֑Lu:K�?�ٗ\?C%����!��D�N����揪ŋ�{Z@R7��dRv�t2���f`*nm����> �(�\w$�j�x qw�xΦ�bì�H�kj� �T����au��d0e�5�s��ڳ�{��9�z>a�ٱn��=�Wl���j����LG������;���I�&V�_������{?��1V�w��R���kG��R��QX���)���Ӡ���m�F���%��0�8��"�㣈Ժ� ��,T����E����A�7�!K� :Wh(� ��*2dK@RS �"�l��B��`� �y� �D d6�:�\i���F;H�RI���6p*�,����H di�F���K�� �"'���Eu���QQ&B�m���-����� i�߶†jzlf��B/ �)G�������\��k����hT���7y(��������o@�� �|�f���oohW$Eex�4�"�z���Q����2�o�}�x��B�{��}Kl�q��}��'O�R%�� �O)q{|�\�Bv��ג]�������#�1+�hH�-���Gh�d��a �(������6���ߏ Often this has not been explained well before installation, which leads to a lot of confusion about why the heat pump is not working. Depending on the ice build-up, the sensor emits up to 20 mA. 7 0 obj endobj <> endobj <> <> Working in conjunction with a timer the defrost thermostat controls the heater which turns on briefly when the bi-metal strip closes the circuit. My unit is defrosting frequently / not delivering enough heat – what could be wrong? <>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 595.2 841.92] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> When the thermostat opens, the meter's LCD will display an “O.L.,” indicating no continuity through the bi-metallic switch contacts inside the defrost thermostat. exclusive New Zealand distributors ofHitachi Air Conditioning. endobj In heating mode a heat pump extracts heat from the outside air and transfers it inside your premises to warm it. Defrost thermostats are designed to open between 40 degrees and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. A recently developed problem may be an indication of a fault or maintenance required. Regular defrosting, or a lack of heat could be caused by a number of factors. A defrost cycle is simply the system recognising that ice has formed or begun to form and automatically fixing this. With bottom-mounted freezers, the thermostat usually is under the compartment's roof plate. The plates covering the thermostat may be held in place by screws or clips. It is important not to stop the unit before the defrost cycle has ended, because if the unit is restarted shortly afterwards it will run very inefficiently and may cause damage to itself. endobj Refrigerators and freezers are designed to … Once the temperature reaches a preset level, the defrost thermostat opens, shutting off electric current to the defroster heating elements, much as your home's heating thermostat shuts down the furnace once the home reaches the preset room temperature. Which is the Best Air Conditioner for Me? Of course the less load you place on the unit the less frequently it will need to defrost in cold conditions. How to Check a Defrost Thermostat. If the thermostat does not display an “0.000” when cold or an “O.L.” when hot, the thermostat is bad and needs to be replaced. x��XmOG������"y�3�.E��)mipU$,b\�`����̞��;oXZ@�w��3��>;z}����]��˗��������gq1���~M��:��-�����j��8����`4 �ӫ�E� PE�Px� bz38Pb�o��?�鏃�c�ǧGb��}�Z�W7���2�w�sFh/ }%��Đ$H$�*�wyQ�,[1�=��.-3�������ՠ�?�!�j}M+�ZՀՒ������f����bC�޿�;�(��$�6�j�ݫe��{�VZ�{$ ʥc�p���FFݥr1Q�'9*�{�EW���fc�Z;�z��7���{\ L��jĒ��ݽ�@Wlc����n�34�m��uuw�����6�_ձ"jc�+��c��o> #��)38�cg�X�T��c�#J��t��K�e{- �q��-��B),��q9��Q��z>�/sY�ߑ0���pI?�uJvN�h%�͉������$h������Jo9?���{qIF'7��P�W��B9��&J@�S:E��ϰW/6y�D@ "m�Rq�IAI��%����zzt2j��l��|9|^oR�lp|�!�l�v\��"('[z��>ׁ���z�_80��a�Ύi�5��qK��"��ܓ�\��x�t.�#�)��NIkɈ2h��b��Yr��|ط���^ ������V���H�|�������,��8�ݳp"�a���=��:�P�K�M����k -�����1p>������ 1m����8c7���F3��Bmrv‹o��Y2�C��k [�q��q��)�-gϡD9���Q�>=�V�o�V��i��q�mf�{��Vk aO��!�b�1a_s�A�p�? This will help a lot. Based in Colorado Springs, Colo., Jerry Walch has been writing articles for the DIY market since 1974. Plug the black test lead into the black jack marked "COM." 3 0 obj Move the refrigerator away from the wall and unplug the power cord from the wall receptacle. Outside, the outdoor fan will also have stopped and the compressor will be running. In most cases, the wires are connected with push-on terminals. If this doesn’t remedy the problem you should consult your installer or another reputable heat pump installer. While most people are familiar the general concept of auto-defrost, few people know how the system works. endobj 6 0 obj With top-mounted freezers, the thermostat usually is under the compartment's floor plate or behind a molding at the front edge of the floor plate. When the ambient temperature outside gets very cold (close to 0°C or below) the moisture in the air freezes on the outdoor unit’s heat exchanger as the fan blows the air across it. 8 0 obj When the evaporator is free of ice, the sensor emits 4mA. <> Yes there certainly is. stream Walch spent 40 years working in the electrical trades and holds an Associate of Applied Science in applied electrical engineering technology from Alvin Junior College. There are a number of factors that influence how often a unit will go in to defrost mode.

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