While known to the police were never apprehended. Artemis's oil arrow did contain microbeads with a tracer, which latched on to Shimmer's clothing. The villainous group has too many powers the Teen Titans just … The battle was interrupted when the Collector noticed that the probe he embedded underneath Metropolis was malfunctioning. The Invisible Man | Mammoth watched as his master prepared a ritual. [10], At the temple, Queen Bee gave the trio her sympathies for being ordered to throw the fight against the Team, but explained that it was necessary for the Light's plans to proceed on schedule. This is his second animated appearance; he was a member of H.I.V.E. Piglets | However, she was defeated by Batgirl. First appearance By continuing to use our website, you agree to our use of cookies – explained on our cookies info page. Psimon used his mental abilities to subdue Mammoth and turn Shimmer into glass, which he then proceeded to shatter in an act of vengeance. Please do not adblock us, our ads load is minimal. Professor Chang | Vegetor | Powers and abilities [6], During the ritual, Batman, Flash, Green Arrow and their protégés interfered. The group is shown as part of the Society, which were working with the Crime Syndicate. Selinda and Baran's parents sent them off to the country of Markovia, where they were put in the care of scientist and metahuman expert Dr. Helga … Cult of the KobraOnslaught He was a freedom fighter who was on a mission to stop slavers who destroyed his homeworld. The villains were nowhere in sight, and the assembled heroes thought that the Collector had teleported them elsewhere to spite them. The villain has gone on to operate alone or work with other nefarious organizations, including the Injustice League … Since the Collector was a preserver and not a destroyer, he agreed to shut off the beam that was slowly shrinking the City. Relatives His new-found "intelligence" does not quell his need to kill others, as he frequently suggests killing Wonder Girl while they have her bound in her own lasso. Shimmer, Mammoth, and Devastation made a show of defending the Bialyan temple base against a joint Team - League incursion. Origin Ding Dong Daddy | Green Brutale | Holocaust | Years later, Dr. Sivana tried to reform the Fearsome Five and wanted Mammoth to join, but he obtained his loyalty only with the promise of resurrecting his sister: Sivana gathered all the pieces of Shimmer’s body, and forced Psimon to put them back together, later using one of his futuristic machines to bring the woman back to her original state. [8], Shimmer was part of an ambush Riddler planned for the Team. She is the sister of Mammoth and a founding member of the Fearsome Five. Here, they found some peace, but not for long: Psimon tracked them down, and punished them for their treason. She uses blue … Young Justice Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Nega Cyborg | [4], In 2010, she wore sleek, black pants and a blue top with long, black gloves connected to her shoulders. Sammy & Cash | "Drop-Zone" Guard | Psimon | Killer Moth | Trigon | Terror Titans | Ultralak | Physical description Terra | Together they are enemies of the Teen Titans. Kwiz Kid | Former Baran Flinders[1] A rush of water slammed into the room, knocking Shimmer unconscious and breaking up the battle between the two Beetles. Relatives H.I.V.E. Real name A combination of Batgirl's martial arts and Zatanna's magic sent them all through a hole in the floor created by Shimmer. After being experimented on by the Reach, she discovered that she had acquired powers. Because Bumblebee had freed Batgirl and they had started the plane, Mammoth was sent after the plane instead. Evil-doer Metahuman. Shimmer | Electrocutioner | Nonetheless, the plane got away. Male in the Teen Titans TV series, voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson. comic book series. After the capture of Batgirl, Psimon sent Shimmer to make preparations for the transport of the abductees. While en route to the Bio-Ship, they encountered Black Beetle. Mammoth later appears in a fight with Booster Gold, which he loses. Mammoth possesses superhuman strength and durability, including a degree of protection from energy attacks.

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