Installation of these gate operators requires a professional tech. Verify battery fuse is intact. • Bad motor connection. ― Verify power supply to operator as well as the meter base or sub panel. Remove the learn limit cover and move the learn limit nut to the center position. ― If any red LEDs are on. ― Rewire desired accessory device to Single Button Input. Relay clicks with command, but motor does not turn on. 1. Inspect door control wires at all staple and connection points, replace wire or correct as needed. Charge batteries by AC or solar power or reploce batteries, f) Low battery with LOW BATT option set to OPEN. Weather conditions in particular can affect door travel, Manually check door for balance or any binding problems, : Repeat safety reverse test after adjustments to force or travel limits. Insped safety sensor wire at all staple points and connection points and replace wire or corred as needed. If no AC power, then running on batteries and battery voltage must be 22.0 Vdc or higher. c) Defective Exit loop detector or loop wire. Determine if a router setting (e.g. The door will move most of the way towards a limit then stop. Repeat the safety reverse test after the adjustment is complete. Re-tighten the outer nut so the chain is a 1/2' (13 mm) above the base of the rail. 3) An accessory is active or malfunctioning check the red input status LEDs. make sure factory plug-in loop detectors are working properly and appropriate loops are installed on the loop input terminals. ― Verify proper voltage getting to the motor (Check motor name plate). Try to operate motor unit, check diagnostic code. Battery does not have the capacity to operate the gate operator. Green POWER LED must be on. Cannot learn limits. The Chamberlain RSL12V model of garage door opener, like its RSL12VH version, was created for vehicular slide doors. b) The Logic board thinks that the direct connect photo eyes are attached and blocked. Symptom: One or both of the Indicator lights on the safety reversing sensors do not glow steady. The door reverses for no apparent reason and opener light(s) blink for 5 seconds after reversing: Check the safety reversing sensor. Reploce defective Shadow loop detector, Obstruction in gates path does not cause gate to stop and reverse. Disconnect and reconnect power to the Internet Gateway. Move accessory power to Accy Power ON terminals (+, -). 2. 4. Toggle the RESET switch and verify that the STOP LED lights up and then turns off after 10 seconds. • Power not connected. 4. a) Operator control station is wired wrong. Check safety devices and gate for obstructions. D11-D31. Dispose of old batteries properly. ― Repair or replace connections or control transformer. • Verify that the Timer-to-Close is ON and adjusted to desired delay. Check that Maglock has power (do not power moglock from control board occessory power terminals). Check limit switch operation and replace if necessary. • (Optional Accessory) Close safety edge is damaged or on an obstruction. ― Disconnect all devices, reattach them one at a time testing for a failure after each one is replaced. for the SL3000ULDM version to 2000 lbs. At least one charged battery must be connected for the operator to operate. Symptom: LED is not lit on control console. b) Exit vehicle detector setup incorrectly. c) External Entrapment Protection Device activation, c) Check all Entrapment Protection Device inputs for an active sensor, d) Check all Open and Close inputs for an active input, e) Check all vehide detector inputs for an active detector, f) Battery voltage must be 22.0 Vdc or higher. Check that Solenoid has power (do not power solenoid from control board occessory power terminals). Remove the chain; cycle the motor to the down position. CLOSE and STOP LEDs to help check correct wiring. 2. Turn the alarm sensor switch counter clockwise a little more and try again. Door coasts after it has come to a complete stop. One operator should have Bipart switch ON (operator that opens first) and the other operator should have Bipart switch OFF (operator that opens second). ― Turn off the unit's main power at the breaker and swap any two power leads at the operator's main power switch. Opener won't activate due to power failure: • Pull manual release rope and handle down to disconnect trolley. • Force set too low. Apply power and retest the operator. 1. Diagnostic led not on. Verify the green Radio module (located next to the coaxial connector) is properly mated with both 4-pin connectors. Failure to do so v/ill result in interference across the master/second communication line. When power is restored, press the Door Control push bar and trolley will automatically reconnect (unless trolley is in lockout position.). b) Incorrect input wiring to expansion board. The Chamberlain LA500 an LA500-S models are intended for vehicular swing gates only. An installed accessory may be v/ired incorrectly or malfunctioning. The garage door opener will not close and the light bulbs flash. Use the manual release rope and handle to disconnect the trolley. Adjust settings as needed, c) Defective vehide loop detector or loop wire, c) Check Interrupt loop wire. On dual-gate system, incorrect gate opens first or closes first. ― Perform a visual inspection of the motor. Communication error to travel module. o) Change setting of both operator's Bipart switch settings. Check wiring connections at travel module and at the logic board. a) Check edge sensor wiring. Disconnect the operator(s) and verify that both gate(s) operate easily. • Gate is excessively heavy. The door can be opened and closed manually. If the chain was removed and re-installed, the motor may be out of phase. c) Check Exit loop wire. It should be within 5% of the operator's rating v/tien running. If motor unit activates, replace door control. 1. If it is blinking, deactivate the Lock Mode following the instructions for Using the Wall Mounted Door Control, Reprogram remotes following the programming instructions, If remote will still not activate your door, check diagnostic LED for flashes on motor unit, My door reverses for no apparent reason: Repeat safety reverse test after adjustments to force or travel limits. First verify that the trolley is against the stop bolt. and the maximum width of 12 ft. Realign both sensors to ensure both LEDs are steady and not flickering. • Radio module not plugged in. My door will not close and the light bulbs blink on my motor unit: The safety reversing sensor must be connected and aligned correctly before the garage door opener will move in the down direction: Verify the safety sensors are properly installed, aligned and free of any obstructions, Check diagnostic LED for flashes on the motor unit, Verify your door control is not blinking. And the door will close some and not completely. 2. Gate has encountered two consecutive obstructions while trying to close or open. Unable to set the travel or retain position. (When the door is reconnected and closed, the chain will sag. Check the Diagnostic LED and clear gate path of any obstructions. If shorting lock's NO and COM wires does not activate Moglock, then replace Maglock or Maglock wiring, a) Check that Solenoid is wired to N.C. and COM terminals. Safety sensors are misaligned or were momentarily obstruded. For instance, the GH model is a commercial door opener equipped with a maintenance alert system, which signals when the operator needs immediate service. Vehide Exit loop activation does not cause gate to open. The SonicWALL UDP connection timer should be changed to 120 seconds or greater. Verify that the TIMER RUNNING LED is flashing. At least one charged battery must be connected for the operator to operate. Master or second operator is not functioning properly. Operate the door manually. If the gate is hard to move or binds, repair the gate. Manually open and close the door. b) The logic board thinks that the direct connect photoelectric sensors are attached and blocked.

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