– I will have two children. – You had rented a rubber boat. It is also one of the two auxiliary verbs (the other one is essere – to be) in Italian. avere 'avere' is the model of its conjugation. When taking the train; When ordering at a restaurant; Italian Verbs Course; Blog. preferire prendere Loro avevano mal di testa ieri. Noi abbiamo avuto un’opportunità. venire Voi avevate una casa a Roma? ), Non ho amici! See also: More search functions. Avere is also needed to talk about your age: in Italian we are not an age, we have years of age. – We have eaten a delicious pizza. scrivere sapere Learn the conjugations of be and have (essere and avere) in Italian with audio recordings Buy Italian Language Tutorial as a PDF e-book! Translate avere in context, with examples of use and definition. parlare (How many cars do you have? Abbiamo mangiato un’ottima pizza. Avevate affittato un gommone. – She did not believe I had had a day like that. As you might have noticed, there is an H. The reason is that this verb was spelt with an H in Latin (HABĒRE) (as it still is in English – HAVE). – After I had had the confirmation, I sent the invitations for the ceremony. – We had an opportunity. They are used in a wide variety of situations and serve as a grammatical aid in many situations. The most used past tense in Italian grammar is the passato prossimo. lavorare Mio fratello pensava che io avessi avuto l’anello di mia nonna. Non sapevi che io avessi cambiato casa? In this post, you’ll learn the Italian grammar of avere with rules, sentences, examples, and links to practice. We use it mainly to refer to possession. – By the time you become a teacher, I will have had more than 3000 students. So far, we’ve seen the simple tenses of fare conjugation. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Abbiamo appena avuto il computer nuovo. aprire dormire These forms of avere don’t exist in English. Io avrò tanti soldi un giorno! Io avevo un amico francese quando abitavo a Savona. – Did not you know that I moved house? – Did you have a house in Rome? Home. – You have been too patient with them! Che io abbia avuto fortuna, è merito tuo. Conjugation tables of all Italian verbs. – Do you think I’m wrong? Top 100 Italian Nouns; Top 100 Italian Verbs; Top 100 Italian Adjectives; Top 100 Italian Adverbs; Common Phrases. – Are you happy that I called you? As Italian evolved it lost the use of H for most words and, as you know, now H is always silent. Dopo che ebbi avuto la conferma, inviai gli inviti per la cerimonia. – He had this passion. – They had a second chance. The Auxiliary Verbs "Avere" and "Essere" Before conjugating viviere, it's important to understand the role of auxiliary verbs.In Italian, an auxiliary verb—either avere or essere—is used whenever forming compound tenses.The auxiliary (or helping) verb, in combination with another, gives a particular meaning to the conjugated verb form. Together with essere, avere is one of the two most common verbs in the Italian language. essere ), Avete informazioni? Conjugate the Italian verb avere: indicative, congiuntivo, condizionale, passato prossimo, auxiliary essere, avere. Together with essere, avere is one of the two most common verbs in the Italian language. dare ascoltare conoscere piacere You don’t need to remember this bit of information. finire “Dire” is a verb you’re going to use a lot when telling stories (you know, the whole “he said, she said” bit), so it’s a great one to get comfortable with, and you can do using the examples and conjugation tables below. Noi abbiamo così tanto lavoro da finire! – She was afraid of dogs, but now she loves them. Italian verb avere: verb conjugation. However, the Italian Indicative mood also has different compound tenses used to talk about both the past and the future. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Don't go away to university... let the university come to you! vivere Voi avete molte cose. – I will have a lot of money one day! – I have had troubles with him. Cosa è successo? – She will be homesick when she gets to America. Loro hanno un cane, un gatto e 5 tartarughe. If you do not own this book, don't worry, it is not mandatory that you do. chiamarsi – We had a lot of students last year. Learn more about Italian verb conjugation. University Centre City, This means that avere is also used to help conjugate transitive verbs in order to form compound tenses. – You had your chance. – She had a great husband. Lei ha avuto un flirt con Paolo. They are used in a wide variety of situations and serve as a grammatical aid in many situations. Usually, the compound tenses are formed by taking the appropriate form of the auxiliary verb avere (to have) or essere (to be), followed by the past participle. partire Io ho avuto molta fortuna. Copyright © 2020 verbi-italiani.info All rights reserved. 2) Use the verb “ avere “: to say someone’s age → Carlo ha 38 anni, mentre tu hai 29 anni. capire Io ho un grande auto-controllo. Io avrò due figli. [Carlo is 38 years old, while you are 29 years old] IN DESCRIPTIONS leggere Conjugations of the verb -essere (to be) – Compound Tenses, Conjugations of the verb -avere (to have), Conjugations of the verb -avere (to have) – Compound Tenses. Tu avrai molti amici quando ti trasferirai a Bologna. – They wanted a cold drink. Io ho avuto il tuo regalo, grazie! Tu hai avuto una buona educazione. – You had a very high score last month. andare It can also translate in English to such things as to get, to have received (a package, say, or news) and to hold (a memory dear, for example).

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