Chapters 1-4. Get started. They went out to dinner and then they wanted to go Christmas shopping. A few of them are shown here. Chapters 17-22. “In five more minutes, the place would have been crawling with cops. So I had to take her with me.”. Girl, Stolen. Chapters 23-26. Girl, Stolen by April Henry - Book Trailer . April Henry. Cheyenne’s problem had just gotten twice as complicated. The thing was, Griffin thought, watching his dad carefully, his cheek still stinging, how angry was he? When they got wherever they were going, she would talk him into freeing her hands. The sleeves of the shirt had been torn off, ragged over his bulging pecs. Girl, Stolen April Henry. Girl, Stolen ~ Chapter 1. Are you trying to back me into a corner?”. She would give him the fight of his life. Footsteps crunched on gravel. Chapters 23-26. The first one is the novel titled Girl, Stolen; this book, which Henry published in 2010 and is the first one in the Girl, Stolen series, was optioned by a production company. Chapters 29-32. Chapters 11-16. She knows what you look like. Girl, Stolen April Henry. A nail biter." Chapter Summaries & Analyses. Then she would collect all the clues and tools she could and bide her time. Girl, Stolen, a young-adult thriller about a blind girl who is accidentally kidnapped by a car thief, was released by Henry Holt in October 2010. “God damn, Griffin, what’s this?” Cheyenne filed the name away. A girl.”, “A kid,” Griffin felt the need to interject. I had to listened to another book by April Henry called Girl I used to be and this one was ok but not the best I think. The Skoal can in his chest pocket had left a faded circle on the plaid. In this novel, the author tells a heart-melting and believable story. Girl, Stolen (April Henry)--Comprehension Test or QuizThis is a multiple choice quiz for the novel Girl, Stolen by April Henry. The author knows very well how to entertain the readers. Sensing the tension, Duke started growling. “Give me her purse,” Roy demanded. Despite the cold, Roy was dressed the way he always was, in a black leather Harley vest open over a flannel shirt. I’ll just wait until tonight, and go drop her out on a logging road. Summary. Girl Stolen, and my 2020 book, The Girl in the White Van. “Whoa! Description of Girl, Stolen by April Henry PDF “Girl, Stolen: A Novel” a pure love and great gift for fiction readers. Then the other man must have realized what was under the blanket, because his tone changed. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Girl, Stolen… Girl Stolen by April Henry I have an eye disability, so it’s always been hard for me to read. “Let’s see who she is.” He was still angry, that was clear, but Roy was always at least a little bit angry. “She’s just tied up. Chapters 29-32. Enjoy this free preview Unlock all 28 pages of this Study Guide by subscribing today. A THOUSAND THINGS WRONG. 3 likes. “Where’d you get it?”, “At the mall. And not very well trained. Cheyenne realized that the other man had just slapped Griffin. Jimbo and TJ came out of the barn. Thanks for exploring this SuperSummary Study Guide of “Girl, Stolen” by April Henry. The smack of flesh meeting flesh. And now she’s been here. Griffin stepped back, holding his hands up in surrender. The designer, Rich Deas, told me he made more than 30 comps before the final cover was chosen. In April 2011, Henry found the blind girl whose brief kidnapping inspired Girl, Stolen. He got out of the car. Cheyenne heard the car door open. If she ever got free – she quickly amended that to when – she would make this Griffin pay. 1 likes. Girl, Stolen ~ Chapter 7. When they got wherever they were going, she would talk him into freeing her hands. "Girl, Stolen" is a short read with significant strengths and weaknesses. April Henry: Girl, Stolen began with a story I saw in the local news. April Henry. That wasn’t a real smart idea. Despite the blanket that covered her, Cheyenne was shivering. Cold seeped in and pressed against her, even under the blanket. TJ was skinny and short, not much taller than Cheyenne, with a long dirty blond ponytail poking out of the back of his trucker’s cap. “But what, happened to your face?” Good, she had hurt Griffin.

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