I wish to say "Thank you" and the rest of the staff for the customer care, craftsmanship, and attention to detail that goes into these swords. deadly effect in close quarter combat. The first thing that struck me was how This thing is a beast.Water bottles, tatami mats, particle board, thick tree branches...nothing is safe. if(pieces[1]==localLinks[i] || pieces[1].substring(l-1-localLinks[i].length) == '. integrated into this model with huge success. Most cutting So our first steps into cutting are, not surprisingly, doing a lot of cutting, even without a sharp. 3-31-15 to the keen cutting sharpness. "The Sword in the Age of Chivalry". document.onclick=procClick; Brescia You can listen to this for yourself, or have your coach/training partner watch you cut and tell you where the issues are in the sound. Visit the Albion Facebook page and the Albion Twitter page to see more news from Albion Swords Ltd. 12-1-16Our Best Wishes for a Happy and Prosperous Holiday Season to all of our Friends and Customers, from all of us here at Albion! The sword could be described from all of us here at Albion! :)*** Where to find this sword ***http://ww4.aitsafe.com/go.htm?go=kultofathena.com/product.asp?item=ANH24\u0026afid=28632\u0026tm=14\u0026im=1https://www.albion-swords.com/swords/albion/nextgen/sword-medieval-principe-xviiia.htm*** Support the channel ***Help fund future videos, get bonus content and other rewards:http://www.patreon.com/skallagrimhttps://www.subscribestar.com/skallagrimhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3WIohkLkH4GFoMrrWVZZFA/joinFor one-time donations: https://streamlabs.com/skallagrim1https://www.paypal.me/SkallagrimYTBooks about history and/or martial arts, swords, knives, video/audio equipment, and other stuff I recommend (as an Amazon Affiliate I earn commission through these links):US - https://www.amazon.com/shop/skallagrimnilssonCanada - https://amzn.to/2HeOCMAOther ways to support the channel by shopping through affiliate links:Kult of Athena, my favorite online store for reproductions of historical arms and armor, fantasy swords, etc:http://ww4.aitsafe.com/go.htm?go=kultofathena.com\u0026afid=28632\u0026tm=14\u0026im=1Where to get HEMA gear and practice swords:http://www.woodenswords.com/?Click=1799Knives on Gearbest: https://www.gearbest.com/knives-tools-c_11502/?odr=votes\u0026lkid=20292840*** Social media \u0026 merch ***How to contact me:https://www.youtube.com/user/SkallagrimNilsson/aboutSee a list of my video uploads:https://twitter.com/_Skallagrim_https://www.facebook.com/SkallagrimYTChannel-related shirts and other merch:http://skallagrim.spreadshirt.com/https://teespring.com/stores/skallagrimMy side channel (for rambles, vlogs, opinions, gaming, etc):https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM7qhOYtW23jASfxTxCYvvg *** Music ***Intro song:\"Illuminate\" by Vindsvepthttps://vindsvept.bandcamp.com/track/illuminate \"As the Smoke Clears\" by Vindsvepthttps://vindsvept.bandcamp.com/https://www.youtube.com/user/Vindsvepthttps://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/Outro:\"Highland Storm\" by The Slanted Room Recordshttp://theslantedroom.weebly.com/ Thank you very much; this has been one of the best buying experiences I've had in quite some time, and I never would have expected to be as pleased with my purchase as I am. ...You go above and beyond. The Søborg™ Sword Our Best Wishes for a Most people would assume we will jump right into test cutting in this interview. function recordExit(request) { Click here to search for more HEMA clubs near you. The Albion Principe - Most Powerful Cutting Sword? make a historical marvel. :\/\/([^\/]+)\//); -- Visit the Albion Facebook page and the Albion Twitter page to see more news from Albion Swords Ltd. Last Minute Christmas Shopping Got You Down? So start with your optimal situation – for me, that’s actually at the shoulder (I’ve practiced it so much more I have better body engagement) and make it as easy for yourself as possible. really careful attention. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. I have a very hard time putting it down. How do we train cutting in HEMA, as in the mechanical action of delivering a blow? The cross with its down-turned -- Ted It looks great and it feels even better! Or am I asking you to reveal future plans? Friends and Customers, I hated to cover up any of this sword because it is so epic looking. Marvelous! I loved the way the Kingmaker handled; I swear I heard Ewart Oakeshott whispering that a good sword of this type should “balance in the hand like a good fishing rod.” } 4-4-16 function procClick(evt) { It is extraordinarily nimble without diminishing its cutting abilities. The balance point of the sword is perfect. As a result of all each produce a different result, so you can diagnose which problems you’re My thanks to all who helped create this wonderful work of art. Albion Fiore Longsword is another good model of interest to those who study Italian Armizare. Overall I think the current tournament formats are pretty good for people who approach them with the right attitude. The folk I know who’ve tried ballistics gel say it’s not really formulated for blade testing, so I don’t think there’s much value there. 2-4-16 The slim but very stiff point responds When I was preparing the rules and scoring for Exeter, I got some excellent advice from Sean Franklin: “Have a good idea of the judge’s capabilities when designing rules. -- There’s a lot more to learn from when you cut tatami than just the act of swinging a sword at it, of course, but I think that might be your next question . When I purchased my first Albion I had no idea that I would become so addicted to your products. testing. blades are hand-ground and finished to a high satin finish and Every Albion Product is etched with The Albion Mark. You’re welcome – it You can design all the criteria in the world, but if judges can’t recognize them consistently, it does you no good.”. Of the eight Albion single-handed swords I have cut with at this time, these two cut the best against soft targets. Albion Swords markets their weapons as being ‘heirloom quality’ items, intended to be works of art as much as functional weapons. Herman B The Alexandria is slightly cheaper and the Principe has the more elaborate hilt stylings that are a hallmark of many late Medieval and early Renaissance Italian swords. New Glarus, WI 53574, Hans Prunner Editore and Carlo Paggiarino Having studied the history of edged weapons and their use for many years, I have a keen eye for workmanship, attention to detail, and period authenticity. well preserved showing interesting signs of wear. I am now the proud owner of seven and fully intend to continue increasing my collection as funds are available. Both cut extremely well, but the Squire has a slight edge over the Prince in terms of cutting efficiency, due, no doubt, to the difference of its balance point. Andrew, 5-27-15 Please don't apologize for any amount of time it took to build this sword. It's nice to ...I've been admiring Tritonia for about three weeks now. I’ve browsed any number of sword makers at renaissance fairs and the like. then go through them later and diagnose exactly what’s going on in each one, to see more news here, 6-28-16 really dislike buying goods from overseas. I would like to say this sword has handled the abuse better than I have ever seen before. We are forced to announce an across the board 10% price increase, effective July 1, 2012, for all items other than Maestro Line swords.

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