Catchy. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Kleon The Everyman (initial level of 40): Kleon is both the leader of Athens after the death of Perikles and the Sage of the the Delian League. During the course of the battle, Pallas the Silencer will join the fray. When you put the Cultist down and confirm the kill you'll receive a Cultist clue and Agamemnon's Body Armor. The port is heavily defended, but she normally hangs out near a ship on the dock. Note that his base level of 29 is also his maximum level. The Chimera (initial level of 14): Her identity will be revealed after your foray into the Serpent's Lair, She is located on Andros Island where the forge is located. The Co-King of Sparta will be exposed as a traitor and a member of the Cult of Kosmos during the main mission, A Bloody Feast found in Section 18. He will be accompanied by a lion and he will employ a potent fire attack. Iokaste the Seer: Anvatos Ruin, Chios Island on Artemis. Once you save her, you’ll progress through new adventures to reveal the Undiscovered Sage from the Worshippers of the Bloodline branch, earning a piece of the Immortal legendary armor set. The time had come to infiltrate. Her demise will yield the Legendary Armor from the Immortal set. The Item depends on your gender. You may encounter him in your travels but his identity and location can be pinpointed by eliminating the five members of his faction. His head will play a prominent role in the mission, The Serpent's Lair. You will automatically receive the Spartan War Hero Gauntlets from the Spartan War Hero set when he sinks beneath the Aegean. Diona's status as a Cultist will be revealed in Section 32: Diona's Questline. After that she can be unmasked and marked for execution. This quest is found at the south of Kythera Island, in the Skendeia Bay region. About a dozen hostiles defend the outside area; but, with care, you can sneak into the mine's tunnels where another half dozen hostiles lurk. Killing Brison will yield the Legendary War Hero Gauntlet from the set. Winning the battle isn't necessary to remove the tough Cultist from the roster. The Mytilenian Shark (initial level of 30): Killing Melanthos will provide a clue but the next will need to be retrieved from the underwater ruins of the Palace of Amphitrite, which is north of Thera. You'll also find a corpse in Shipwreck Cove on the northeast coast of Achaia. The reward is the Legendary Amazon/Achilles Tassets from the set of armor. Use your bow to eliminate the circling sharks and dive deep to retrieve the clue from the treasure chest. Pallas the Silencer (initial level of 45): A clue to his identity will come from the Serpent's Lair and another can be purchased from the blacksmith in Korinthia. As the visions fade, The Ghost of Kosmos is revealed when Aspasia approaches and shows her mask to prove the point. He will be attended by two retainers. Diona (initial level of 36):. Confirming this kill earns Agamemnon's Waistbelt from the Agamemnon set. As you explore in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, you’re sure to come across the Cult of Kosmos. Location: West of Messara. Skylax the Fair (initial level of 17): The needed clue can be found in the Xerxes Military Fort in the southeast region of Lokris. Elpenor (initial level of 11): You will meet this devious Cultist early in the game and his contract on The Wolf and his association with the Pythia will be prominent in the narrative. You will get access to the Cultist panel. Confirm the kill to earn the Athenian War Hero Armor. Kill as needed to get to Brison. The choice becomes more substantial when you realize an innocent person might die by your hand, and cause Kythera to fall with her. He will be quartered at the Teichos of Herakles in the central region of Achaia. On the outside there will be Herodotos waiting for you. Asterion (initial level of 14): This Cultist is available after your foray into the Serpent's Lair. Machaon the Feared (initial level of 45): You'll receive a clue from the Silver Griffin. Deimos will appear. At the end of the final quest, By the Fates, you’ll end up meeting both twins at the altar. Rhexenor the Hand (initial level of 25): This Cultist is a sadistic military commander and is unmasked by Aikaterine while pursuing the mission, A-musing Tale, during the main storyline in Section 20 Attika/Athens. Who is the Real Diona – AC Odyssey Which Diona to kill in AC Odyssey? The Serpent's Lair, quest walkthrough and hints. The entire roster is detailed below with a final mission to expose and deal with The Ghost of Kosmos detailed in the mission, A Fresh Start. That being the case, please excuse the numerous lists and tables in his articles. Completion of the site requires burning two supply caches and raiding two chests. Sail north of Thera to reveal an underwater question mark. The content may not be used, reproduced or copied without the prior express written consent of She claims to have had a vision of you destroying both the Cult and the Pyramid during an interaction with the artifact. In this guide, we’ll show you how to complete AC Odyssey By The Fates quest, which one is the real Diona, a Worshipper of the Bloodline cultist. Face the waves of opponents to face him in the arena. Take her down to obtain the Legendary Helmet of the Immortal from the Immortal set. The Oracle revealed the secret meeting place of the mysterious Cult of Kosmos, and Alexios could finally lift the veil they had drawn around their cause. The final step involves trying to figure out which of the two identical twins is the real Diona. | Cookie Settings The disembodied voice of Myrrine will echo in the passage as you advance down into the lair. The Octopus (initial level of 27): The Octopus is revealed by taking out Sokos. The Chosen One and The Ghost of Kosmos are independent high-level members. The clue is hidden in the Nation's Chest and the fort is heavily defended. They are divided into seven factions with a Sage leading each. They don’t pose that much of a threat, but the fact that you’ve killed the innocent sister will haunt you forever. But it is the right hand one. About ten hostiles guard the quarry. He is a tough adversary in the confines of the grotto where he can deploy his devastating explosive ring attack. The Centaur will frequently be accompanied by a wolf and he utilizes fire on his weapon, making him a tough kill in the confines of the grotto. Unlock Quests: Letter to The Octopus (Clue), Leader’s Note from his Son (Clue) Level: 31. This will take place in Pephka on the southeast island of Pephka/Messara. Clues to the Cultists identities are gained by killing Cultists, finding clues during the campaign and by pursuing main and side mission. Update: We’ve added locations for every Cultist in the game now, so you can sweep up everyone you have left to find. You’ll then get to choose which one of the sisters you should attack. Kallias (initial level 36): Kallias will be an Olympic Pankraton judge who will be exposed during the mission, The Long Game in Section 16.

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