AQA A-Level Media Studies is taught within the two-year A-Level programme. One of the AS-level units will study these issues formally and be assessed by an examination, in this unit you will study the terminology of the media and how audiences interpret media events. Topics covered are contemporary, and diverse, encouraging development of research and problem-solving skills as … When classes move too quickly, a weekly one-to-one lesson with a Media Studies A Level tutor can make all the difference. Personal Statements We have constructed this text so it can be read in a number of ways. Also Offers: English In gaining that appreciation you will also have the opportunity to work with the various media options and develop your practical media skills. Media Studies 101 is the open educational resource for media studies studies in New Zealand, Australia, and Pacifica. There is an in-depth study of how news is presented, looking at print media as well as the increasing influence of online sources of news (both official and unofficial). Find your perfect A Level Media Studies tutor and arrange a Free Video Meeting. English Language, Exeter University - Film Studies (Doctorate). Through the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's (MIT) OpenCourseWare (OCW) system, you can access free online film studies courses across numerous departments, including Literature, Linguistics and Philosophy, Urban Studies and Planning, Global Studies and Language, Comparative Media Studies, History, and Anthropology. A-level Media Studies is also available under the title A-level Media: Communication and Production. I have previous experience in teaching media studies, with an in depth knowledge of the new specifications, helping you ace your exams! Essays not as fun as you’d imagined? Shakespeare coming across a bit old-fashioned? The nature of Media Studies means that students are introduced to a very broad range of ideas. This unit is particularly concerned with contemporary media issues and what the media of the future might look like. The final A2-level unit is assessed as course-work based on a portfolio of evidence. English The distance learning courses are of two years duration and come complete with full online course materials and tutor support via our online learning environment. At A2-level Media Studies you are encouraged to become more critical in your perceptions of the media. eg. One of the AS-level units will study these issues formally and be assessed by an examination, in this unit you will study the terminology of the media and how audiences interpret media … AS-level Media Studies involves studying print, radio, TV/film/video and virtual aspects of the media we are exposed to. AS Media Studies Specification Download. Latest Examiners' Report Download. Let our free tutor-matching service do the searching for you. Also Offers: I have both academic and practical experience, and can't wait to help you! Send any extra details you think are important to get the most out of your free meeting. So please take full advantage of hypermodal methods of communication in your revision! Our Media Studies A Level course online students will view, evaluate and analyse a variety of media products, and develop practical skills spanning a range of media forms. Spanish, University College London University - Digital media and education (Masters). Focusing on set text analysis, coursework and exam prep. Please continue to my profile to find out more about my tuition services. I’m here to help! Literacy, numeracy and ICT skills being particularly relevant here. November series update NEA will not be available in the November series and therefore assessment will only be via the externally set and marked examination, as per Ofqual’s consultation decision report. Sussex University - Criminology (Bachelors). Spanish, Exeter University - Creative Writing (Doctorate). I am a Doctor of Film Studies currently teaching at the University of Exeter.

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