... How many shots … Smirnoff-produced by the world’s leading wine and spirits company Diageo. Well the answer will of course depend on the size of the bottle and … thats about 14 units total, so yes decent for two people. strong vodka … List of 10 Popular Vodka Brands with Alcohol Content Data. Hi Jack, Glens vodka is 37.5% alcohol by volume so a 35cl bottle contains 13.125 units of alcohol. This means that there are 14 measures per bottle. Smirnoff Vodka’s alcohol content is 37.5% ABV. 350ml = 7 regular shots. One of the most often asked question over the last 18 years, when I am stocktaking, is how many shots are there is a bottle? Thanks x Posted from TSR Mobile. How many units are in a shot of vodka? 0. One shot of 40% ABV vodka (80 proof) is equivalent to 30ml or 1 ounce of the spirit. Whisky, Dark Rum, Pernod, Brandy,Tequilla1 unit14 units50% abv e.g. Gin, Bacardi, Vodka0.9 units13 units40% abv e.g. Roughly how many drinks would you get out of a 35cl bottle of vodka? Best Answers SpiritsSpirits1 pub measure 25ml½ bottle 350ml (35cl)37.5% abv Clear Spirits e.g. Absolut Vodka-Absolut Vodka … A single measure of vodka is 25ml, and the bottle holds 350ml (35cl). 35cl = 350ml. strong vodka & whisky1.3 units17.5 units60% abv e.g.

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